Attractions in Bendigo, Australia

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Bendigo is located 150 kilometers from the major Australian city of Melbourne. This city is located in the gold region of the state of Victoria. In the area there are many tourist attractions, where hundreds of thousands of tourists coming. Also in the city of Bendigo itself there are dozens of attractions that are definitely worth seeing. So you can visit an old mine, 61 meters below ground. You can also view the many Chinese buildings left by the Chinese prospectors. What can you do in Bendigo? Why is this worth to visit? Which sights you should have seen?

Bendigo and prospectors

Bendigo is a city in the state of Victoria in Australia. It lies almost in the geographical center of the state. About 150 kilometers from Bendigo is the capital of Victoria, Melbourne. In 2015, there are more than 80,000 people in the city. Bendigo This makes the fourth largest city in the interior of Australia. It is also the main city of the region of Greater Bendigo, which covers an area of ​​about 3000 square meters. In 1850 gold was discovered in the region. News of the findings spread rapidly throughout the country. Soon, thousands of prospectors came to the region. This era is known as the Victorian gold rush. These influences are in 2015 still reflected in the town. Since 1851, more than 700 tons of gold recovered from the bottom of Greater Bendigo. The town itself takes its name from the water that runs near the area; the Bendigo Creek. The first residents of the city therefore became known Bendigonians.

How did you get into town?

The largest city near Bendigo Melbourne, capital of Victoria. Many tourists and backpackers who want to visit the region of Bendigo, then fly to Melbourne airport. What many people do not know is that Bendigo also has a small airport where commercial flights land. From Sidney, you can reach the city via the highway within a day. Also are frequent trains from Sydney and Melbourne to Bendigo increasing. If you are in Melbourne and you do not have your own transport, then the bus generally considered the cheapest option. Within two hours, you are already at the center of Bendigo. Then you can explore the city and the region, go.

Attractions in Bendigo itself

The area around Bendigo is very popular with tourists. They want to visit the gold mines around lost in ancient villages where the miners once lived. They forget that in the city of Bendigo also plenty to do. The following sights are worth according to records reviews, travel books and travel books that deal with this area.
Sacred Heart Cathedral
Even if you are not religious constructed a visit to the imposing cathedral essential if you are staying in the city according to the travel guides. The large stained-glass windows are worth to see and walk into the church brings according to the website of the church people to rest.
Chinese Joss House
In the north of the city, at the end of the tram line, you can find the tourist attraction Chinese Joss House. This is one of the few Chinese temples in Victoria which is still in use. Anno 2015 this attraction is only open on Sundays for visitors. There are also catered for short tours.
Goldfields Historic Chinese Cemetery
This cemetery is the oldest and one of the most important in Australia. In the great furnace of the Chinese cemetery is burned paper money for the deceased spirits. You are free to walk around the cemetery and read the information on the signs, or a tour of a guide book.
Central Deborah Gold Mine
This mine has been dug in 17 floors and was inaugurated in 1940. The mine is built on an old mine in 1860. After 14 years of gold mining, the mine closed again. In total, there is about 1 ton of gold recovered from the bottom of this area. This mine is one of the largest tourist attractions in the city of Bendigo. If you decide to book a tour here, you may even visit the mine lift. You go with my elevator 61 meters underground and get a short tour.
Bendigo Talking Tram
From the Tramway Museum or the Central Deborah Gold Mine Bendigo Talking Tram departs. When in 1972 the tram line was no longer in use, the residents decided to refurbish the trams to later make a tourist attraction. The tram runs through the center of the city around. Along the way you get to hear commentary via a strap across the buildings along the way.
Bendigo Art Gallery
This museum has a large collection of 19th-century European art, Australian art and art created by the original inhabitants of the country. You are free to walk through the museum or accompanied by a guide from the museum.
Shamrock Hotel
The hotel was built in 1897 in Victorian style. The Shamrock hotel stayed there about that time many prospectors. According to stories told by the staff at the time, every day, the floor washed afterwards remains gold, which remained on the shoes of the miners hang out after a day's work, to seven and sell.
Golden Dragon Museum
Besides the Deborah Gold Mine Golden Dragon Museum is an area where many tourists every year coming up. In the museum you can include the largest and longest dragon made of paper mache. It was in the 19th used at official Chinese banquets and occasions. The dragon is made of more than 6000 silk and paper mache paper and 90,000 handmade mirrors. In addition to this museum you can also find the Chinese gardens.
Bendigo Pottery
The oldest working pottery of Australia is 6 kilometers north of the center of Bendigo. You can take a course here or watch highly skilled potters at work. There is also a café, gallery and gift shop in the building.
Bendigo Living Wings & Things
A small zoo, where you have under 10 AUD for you inside. They have snakes, other large and small reptiles, wallabies ?? s ?? s dingo, butterflies and a large garden with Mom jays.
On Sundays, at the Bendigo Showgrounds the Sunday Market and on every second Saturday of the month, the Farmers Market.