Australia's castles

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Not exactly the continent where you expect a lot of castles but you will find millions of ingenious built castles in various colors. The one larger than the other. The buildings are equipped with ingenious ventilation systems, necessary for the millions of people who live there. I'm talking about the termites, because they are responsible for many termite hills in the beautiful scenery of Australia. You can call the best castles because so ?? n ?? home ?? Life sometimes millions of termites, which each have their own task. The residents can be divided into groups.
As it should live in each castle a royal couple. The queen and king are a couple and stay together for many years. They live in a special room and are responsible for the offspring. The queen has a huge swollen body and lays only eggs, sometimes as ?? n 2200 per day. The King provides enough sperm to fertilize the eggs. They are fed by the next group of residents.
These are the workers, they form the largest group within the castle. They perform many tasks including finding food that consists of cellulose and wood. They point huge damage in homes and can affect the wood so that the whole house is threatening to collapse. In addition, they feed prince and queen, larvae and soldiers. They build the castle and repair any damage. They are blind, barren and work 24 hours a day. Because they are white in color, they are sometimes called white ants.
To protect the colony from attack, there is an army of soldiers. They look different and have a colored head with a pair of strong jaws. There is even a part of soldiers which is equipped with the capability to spray a liquid to the enemy, which thereby becomes paralyzed, and then is an easy prey for the other soldiers. Soldiers protect workers when they repair the castle and try to repel any attack on the nest.
Finally, there are a large colony of termites still fertile specimens, which develop and fly out on a hot humid summer evening wings. Well, flies, and they can hardly be simply blown away by the wind one end of their nest. After landing, the wings fall off and they try to form groups to form their own colony. They find each other by smells. If a pair has formed, they begin the construction of a nest to be able to provide tightly for a large progeny.
The nests which it forms differ, depending on the species and the temperature. In cool areas, making them underground nests or settle them in a house. In the hot part of Australia they urgently need coolness and above their underground nest they build a termite, which can be meters high. Due to a very sophisticated system of corridors therein a ventilation system is formed so that the temperature in the entire nest to the most suitable temperature for the larvae and the growth of mold remains. Because the termites also use earth as a building material, the hills get the color of the environment and so you will find pink, red, gray or other colors termite hills.
In the deserted areas of the sprawling plant Australia they merrily on.
It can also because there cause no damage and are left to their fate. The many abandoned termite nests provide shelter for many small animals such as lizards, birds, snakes, other insects etc. Maybe a bit so useful.
As a tourist you look out your eyes but in the populated areas of Australia, they are not so happy with this little blow gently. They are able to eat at your house in a considerably short time because the houses there often consist entirely of wood. There is therefore a special bomb disposal and when the locals see swarming termites, they warn that service because it means that a very large termite nest close by should be.
The houses are regularly tested for termites and there are many steps needed to protect your home.
In the Netherlands so ?? s service is not necessary but you may wonder whether the warming of the environment might be the termite, which loves heat, bring back. Europe certainly still come but termites for more in the southern countries such as Italy or Spain. They would know what to do with our furniture so let's hope this white blind wood eaters continue to build their castles abroad.