Australia: Wombat, a special marsupial

Nature Jyrnas August 8, 2016 7 0
Australia life in a lot of different kinds of marsupials, including the wombat, a brief description of this droll animal. There are various types of wombats, this piece is about the ordinary wombat which occurs in Eastern Australia and in Tasmania.


In Australia lives a lot marsupials, kangaroos and koalas are pretty much the best known, but there still lives a very special marsupial; ie the wombat.
A wombat looks like a cross between a bear and a badger, they are quite koddig.Het his big chunky marsupials with short legs and big paws to dig well, they have a tiny tail of just 2.5 cm long. Their fur is brown to black. They can be heavy and around 40 kilos or 120 cm tall! They are most common in eastern Australia and Tasmania, often in Bosen or mountainous regions, where they build their castles, preferably in slopes. The prevailing system may be three meters deep and 200 meters long!
They are mainly active at night than they are leaving to seek their stronghold to food, grass, roots and tubers are favored by these herbivores. In winter, they leave their stronghold during the day to seek food or to warm themselves in the sun. A mature male chases wombat species from its territory. They are solitary animals, which so most of the year living alone, only in the mating season they look for each other to mate, and then go their separate ways.
The female usually raises a young at a time which she carries with herself in her pouch, the entrance of the bag is directed backwards. Because wombats dig fortifications, this is very useful because if Mo wombat is not her bag full of sand and earth scheppen.Het young weigh only 2 grams at birth and spend the first six to 10 months in the pouch, hereafter he leaves them and brings for nearly three months in the underground nest room, safe from predators and warm and sheltered, the nest chamber is lined with dry grass and leaves, the young the next three months, however, will still spend some time mothers pouch to drink and shelter to zoeken.Steeds when he is scared or frightened he will seek safe shelter of his mother's pouch, the young remain 12 to 15 months at his mother, then going to be ones own way. A wombat is on average 20 years old.

There are two different types of wombats;

  • The common wombat is among divided into three types; The Australian mainland common wombat, the Tasmanian wombat, and the Flinders Island wombat
  • The Hairy nosed wombat is among divided into two types; The southern hairy nosed wombat and the northern hairy nosed wombat.