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Peugeot is a worldwide brand and comes from France. Below is a clear analysis of the differences of Peugeot in the Netherlands and in France, the people of looking at and many other statistics. Very handy if you want to buy want to know more about Peugeot whether such a car.

Market size estimation:

  • Peugeot: 38 666 sold in 2007 / 16.39839 million = 0.002357 = number of Peugeots sold per capita population in 2007.
  • Total: 504 198 sold in 2007 / 16.39839 million = 0.030746 = number of cars sold per head ?? s population in 2007.

The counter of the number of cars sold in 2007 stopped at 504 198 units. That is four percent more than in 2006, according to figures from the RDC Data. Topper is still Volkswagen, closely followed by Opel. The best selling model is also the Peugeot 207. While the number of registrations in December 2007 was slightly lower than for December 2006, the yearly total thus left it recorded a plus.
Volkswagen did most cases and stands with 50 015 registrations at the top. That number is 1% less than in 2007. The closest competitors saw their sales.
They experienced in 2007 a limited market growth of 2% in France by foreign brands sold better than in previous years. 54.5% of auto consumers chose a model of foreign-made versus 45.5% for a voiture of the Renault group or PSA.
  • Peugeot 407: 41 710 x sold
  • Peugeot 207: 131 623 x sold
  • Peugeot 307: 65 800 x sold
Top selling Peugeot types in 2007 in France.
Precise numbers could be further there is not found.


The main segments for both the Netherlands and France:
  • Family car ?? s
  • Commercial ?? s
  • Sport Models

Positioning in the segment

Dutch eyes:
In the Netherlands, Peugeot is seen as a trade mark for the middle class. Peugeot example, very suitable as a commercial vehicle, for the non-leaders, seeing the car ?? s look modern and are very innovative but compared to brands like BMW and Mercedes fairly cheap. Thus, they can be equipped with all the modern gadgets like GPS. But the more technical poke the higher the price tag.
French Eyes:
In France, Peugeot next to Renault, the leading car brand. In the already fairly nationalistic France is often chosen for a car in their own country. Further see the French Peugeot as a good solid car that has a modern look and is especially suitable for the middle class.


  • Netherlands: BMW, Volkswagen, Toyota and Nissan, Ford and Opel.
  • France: Mainly Citroën and Renault. Other foreign brands begin within France now sell better. These are Hyundai, BMW, Toyota and Ford.

Consumer behavior in this product group

The purchase of Peugeot cars ?? s varies considerably by type of vehicle. However, what it's like in France in terms of consumer behavior is not very much different compared to the Netherlands.
In a Peugeot as a model in 1007, those who purchase decision takes less bothered by opinions or judgments of others. The type 1007 is an example of a Peugeot that is often driven by a single person. For a family car from Peugeot, the French woman is the judgment of the woman much more important. Her opinion counts towards the final purchase. For a family car, according to the dealers so that the woman takes the purchasing decision in 60% of cases. It turns out that even in 85% of purchasing decisions, the woman is involved.

Peugeot as a brand important?

For a Frenchman who goes to buy his first car the brand is not very important. Someone who has had a Peugeot already likely due to the good experience buying a Peugeot again. In choosing a new car, the Frenchman finds the Peugeot brand is not important. He may as well choose a different car make. In business, Peugeot is a common brand. Business wise, the importance Peugeot greater than when buying a car brand Peugeot.

Price level

Which will be asked at the consumer level?
  • Peugeot 207 cc from ?? 23.500, -
  • 407 coupe ?? 38.000

  • Peugeot 207 cc from ?? 18 650, -
  • 407 coupe ?? 30 000

In France, prices are lower in the case of all types of Peugeot transportation costs.


The cars of Peugeot distributed by the PSA Peugeot Citroën group. PSA possession with Gefco, one of the largest carriers in Europe, and in addition, the PSA also has Faurecia, one of the largest manufacturers of automotive parts in the world. The PSA group has an annual turnover of a small sixty billion Euro, and most of this turnover is generated by the production and distribution of Peugeot and Citroën cars. And within this division work most people.

Product Features

In 2007 won the foreign brands terrain in France. Although the total number of car sales increased in France, this was mainly due to the many foreign brands. Peugeot had shown a decrease of 2.1% while total sales of cars in France was 21.2% higher. The Peugeot 207 is third in the list of best-selling cars in France, 131 623 models were sold in 2007. Furthermore we find in sixth place in this list, the Peugeot 307, with 65 800 models sold, and in eighth place, the Peugeot 407 comes with a total of 41 710 models sold.
All these cars are models with five doors, and they are focused on the family. It is mainly the standard ?? ?? gezinsauto`s who do well at this time in France. What also makes sense because this is the biggest market.
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