Avoid dilemma ?? s at a business event

Miscellaneous SGNODLOL August 8, 2016 0 2
In your business is secured also organized a business event annually. For some it is a fun day or moment, and for others it is something terrible.

The dilemma

A company is usually intended to create a 'we' feeling among colleagues ?? s, a kind of team building. Not everyone sees but here the point of having to run into each other also outside the workplace. Also, some people find it difficult to suddenly roll ?? ?? to have to change. In the workplace, they know exactly W e do and how to behave among colleagues ?? s. When they come in a more casual atmosphere with the same colleagues ?? s they do not know how to behave. They will also try to avoid these types of occasions.

Tips to switch to an informal atmosphere

Have you actually bothered to talk in informal atmosphere with colleagues ?? s doing and then realize the following:
  • Get good at small talks and remember that you basically have 15 minutes it could talk again.
  • Be genuinely interested in your partner and ask questions. The rest will then automatically.
  • Realize that people are more concerned with themselves than with you. Often it feels like all the attention is focused on you, but this is not so.
  • If you find certain things load, remember that you are not alone.
  • Guard your limits and stay yourself.
  • Find like-minded people, but do not hang out with your group. For example Also take the opportunity to talk to someone who never speaks little else.
  • Take the opportunity to network.

Organizing a business event

When you need to organize a business event, you should realize that for people to organize an outing. What one likes can be for the other terrible. You have to deal with colleagues ?? s which are quite different in character, make sure you called ?? low-key ?? outing invents. Think for example of a break with no complicated operations are discussed. As a last resort you can also organize a simple dinner, there are often separate tables and then the people themselves will seek their interlocutors. This causes no difficult situations.
If your colleagues have not really talkative or not skilled in conducting interviews, then a getaway with an activity properly effective. Think of doing something creative together or a game or sport. Then colleagues are more concerned with the activity and do not need to invent forced conversation topics. The subject of the conversation is all the activity itself.

Ideas for a getaway

There are many businesses or organizations to invent company outings for you and take care. Of course there are problems with these at your neighborhood to organize something fun. Should you invent it yourself, however, you can take the following activities as examples:
  • Bowling
  • Karten
  • Painting Workshop
  • Cooking workshop, especially team-cooking is fun when you have a larger group of people
  • Old Dutch games; at the church in your town you can often rent spelling or sports equipment.
  • Mini / crazy golf
  • Team sports such as football, volleyball, hockey, etc.