Avoid spam with a fake email address via wegwerp.com

Electronic oroboreal December 9, 2016 2 64
You must register for a site but do not want to use your current email address. Afraid of spam or violate your privacy? No sense in constant advertising on your e-mail address? Or have you already registered with your current e-mail address? And yet you want to receive the activation link or only for a limited time mail ingesting the appropriate email address. An e-mail address wegwerp.com is the solution!

How does it work?

The wegwerp.com software allows addresses to which during a certain period of time by you mail forwarding to your current email address. The address can then be used to mail them to leave until the service life has expired. Then you get no e-mail through this address and you can hear more never something. The most wonderful thing about this site is that you can create as many disposable email addresses as you want. So you can sign in to a site indefinitely. Note that this can be against the terms of the site in question.

Creating and managing your disposable email address

The whole process takes little effort and you do not need to register. Also, you do not have personal information to fill in your email address after.
It lay in a few simple steps how to create a disposable email address within seconds. For clarity please see the attached print screen.
  • Go to www.wegwerp.com
  • Enter the email address to which you want to receive the mail
  • Add a description of the address, this is not mandatory.
  • Choose the life of your disposable email address.
  • Create your disposable address

  • Then get a disposable email address as 1764-c4ni get a similar email to your original email address to a list of all your disposable addresses.


    You can always stop individual or prolong your disposable addresses! This goes through the link you ingest for your original address. You can always view the list via the wegwerp.com but every time you create a new email address you get this list automatically sent to your original email address. As an example the picture. Using the management you can reactivate your disposable address, extend life and / or change the description of the address.


    There are different ways you can use an additional email address, I have put down here some options.
    • Multiple registrations at forums.
    • Creating multiple accounts at games.
    • A temporary conversation.
    • Using a one-time offer.
    • Activating an activation link.
    • Mails getting a site that can possibly go spamming.
    • Your identity private.

    Wegwerp.com is completely secure and separate from the above mentioned emails and the emails you receive from your disposable email address, you do not get spam from within wegwerp.com or third parties.