Beautiful and Relaxed With Treatments Sauna and Turkish bath

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Sandra Ianculescu - Want a better kind of relax, now approaching the holidays?

The turkish bath and sauna are relaxing steam baths that make you sweat for a good cause: the beauty!

The turkish bath and sauna: what are they?

The turkish bath is a bathroom very wet and warm, in addition essences of pine or eucalyptus. In Arabic, the word "hammam" actually means "hot water", also known as "turkish bath".

The sauna is essentially the same thing Hammam, but takes place in a wooden cabin where spreads steam at temperatures of 70-100 ° C. Unlike the Hammam, the vapors of the sauna are dry and create a ' dry atmosphere.

Rituals of Hammam and sauna

A session of Hammam is done in three stages, because you go through 3 rooms. You need at least an hour and a half to make the most of the experience: the first room you undress and go into the shower. Do you wear a bathrobe or stay with the laundry; in the second room you find the moisture vapor, like a heavy mist: here you can sit and rest a few minutes, then you sprinkle of black soap and rinse you in the shower.

The third and last room is even hotter. In the first few seconds you have a feeling of choking, but it passes quickly, giving way to the feeling of well-being. You must not exceed more than 30 minutes each time you go in the shower or take a bath with cold water. Ideally, you should do the circuit 3 times because the skin is completely clean.

Normally, in the sauna there you go without clothes because, in general, you're alone or accompanied by a friend. You should not sit directly on the bench, but to put a towel underneath to absorb sweat and protect your skin from the hot wood. If you are modest, you can wear a bathing suit, but is not recommended because the heat and humidity favor the growth of bacteria. As in the turkish bath, you can go barefoot or in slippers, according to the rules of the place.

What are the effects of steam?

The turkish bath: moist heat activates blood circulation and creates a relaxed atmosphere thanks to essential oils. The turkish bath causes sweating and helps to eliminate toxins: relaxes, remove stress, muscle tension and promotes sleep. In addition, the skin is regenerated in depth thanks to the peeling and washing.

The sauna: a session helps you to find yourself, to think only of the feeling of well-being. Contrary to many opinions, the sauna does not help you lose weight! It only lose water, so it is well hydrated before the session. Instead, the sauna has a beneficial effect on the skin: the high temperature promotes sweating, the skin is clean and become toned, especially when followed by a sauna and a bath with cold water, which stimulates blood circulation.