Beautiful, crazy and special balls through the years

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Balls have been around for many years. This colorful decoration has been used since the 19th century used to decorate the Christmas tree during the Christmas party. Traditionally the ball is round and made of glass, but soon arose variety of shapes, colors and trends. One year fur another year, all silver. How the ornament is formed and how it runs with the bauble?

The bauble

The bauble was originally a mirror ball that had to counteract misfortune through his reflective effect. This reflection was to ensure that evil spirits were kept outside. Nowadays balls often just a decorative function in our, often decorated fur, tree. All colors and shapes are today available again and every year there are new colors and shapes to. Sometimes we also see old models come back. Trends determine each year how we decorate our Christmas tree. One year is the color purple totally hip and the next year we need our entire collection again replaced by the color white. In the year 2012 we see that the Christmas tree adorns should be fine fur. This course is ideal for people who love a colorful tree and balls once again can grab from the attic. Antique balls tree can really perk up, these balls are often particularly of shape and color.

Antique baubles

Antique balls are colorful and trendy, but also costly. Throw out your old baubles not just leave, they can still produce a nice amount at auction. But why sell? Antique baubles are often very nice in a traditional boom and are worth seeing. The bright colors and shapes often appeal to the imagination, especially in children but also in adults. The first balls were created in the 19th century. Before the first was blown bauble decorated one Christmas tree with gilded nuts, red apples and cake. But this tradition was quickly replaced by the hanging of real glass baubles. At the beginning of the bauble production was reserved only for the rich people. They could afford the hand-blown balls and decorated their tree with it. Later, when the production of glassworks and more got under way could become more and more people can afford baubles. Due to the increasing demand for baubles also created a growing demand for variety in shape and color. This change in demand for shape and color are still affecting our Christmas tree. Every year the trends are changing and adapting their production to manufacturers, to the expected shapes and colors.
Antique baubles

Special forms of antique baubles

Balls are getting into all sorts of shapes and colors but most antique Christmas balls can surprise you in shape and color. Imagine a Christmas ornament in the shape of a teapot or astronaut!
Rare special baubles from around 1900

The future of baubles

The future of balls looks rosy. Special colors and shapes are back in fashion. Yet often we opt for a single color balls in the tree or even no balls! This is a shame for the many years of tradition. Eventually we decide whether we give the bauble a further future, but this is probably good. Each year's Christmas sales of retailers larger than the year before and we always start earlier in the year to come already in a Christmas atmosphere. Merry Christmas!