Bendigo: Excursions, tours and attractions

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When one thinks of Australia and the State of Victoria, one thinks quickly on The Great Ocean Road and its capital Melbourne. What many people do not know is that the Gold Region is located in Victoria. In this region, with cities like Ballarat and Bendigo, can you Nationals Parks, visit old mines and dozens of other exciting attractions. From the city of Bendigo you can do many excursions and tours. It is even possible to draw for five days by the area as a real gold digger. All the gold that you may keep your own! What excursions and tours you can book in Bendigo? What attractions can be found around the city?

Bendigo, the city near Melbourne

At about 150 kilometers northeast of Melbourne is the old gold town of Bendigo. In the 19th century there was a veritable gold rush here. Thousands of Australians and immigrants moved towards the area where you according to the stories about the gold nuggets on the street stumbled. The first prospectors were lucky, there was a lot of gold in the bottom of the Greater Bendigo. Anno 2015 the old mines and miners villages have become a major tourist attraction. The city has in 2015 more than 80,000 inhabitants and is located in the Australian state of Victoria. In addition to a vibrant tourism industry is Bendigo also known as administrative capital of Victoria.

Why tourists go to Bendigo?

Bendigo is centrally located in the gold region in the state of Victoria. The nights are compared to Melbourne, very cheap. If you stay in this city, you can easily explore the entire region. For example it is possible to stand in the center of Melbourne within two hours. You can also in the region of old mines, cities of gold miners, ghost towns and visit many more exciting attractions. In the city of Bendigo itself you can find dozens of sites where thousands of tourists enjoy themselves. Also, it is possible to fly into the airport Bendigo. Tickets are often cheaper than a ticket to Melbourne itself.

Activities and tours

From Bendigo you can take hundreds of activities. If you are staying in a hotel or hostel in the city, you can also inform what excursions you can book. There are also information boards often find brochures of tour operators in the city itself. You can activities for children, adults and older found nearby. Call to book good or activity is right for you. Some activities are in fact less suitable for people with a poor physical condition, for example because you need a lot of hiking, mountains to climb, or the whole day bent to search gold.
Ironbark Horse Trail Rides
This organization organizes several excursions where you will explore the region on horseback. There is often a simple lunch included in the price for the tour. You can find the company on 1 Watson Street. Information and contacts you can obtain via the telephone 54,483,344.
Bendigo Goldfields Experience
One of the most famous tours in the region called the Goldfields Experience. You can book earlier packages:
  • Half a day searching the area with a detector
  • In the woods searching for gold
  • Gold in the seven ?? mobile goldpanning center ??

O ?? Keefe Rail Trail
At the junction between the Midland Highway and Baden Street towards axedale, runs the O ?? Keefe Rail Trail. It is 19 kilometers long and 19 kilometers on the way again on the way back. This can make walking or cycling. Near the starting point it is possible to rent bicycles. Also, it is in many hotels, hostels and camp sites, possible to rent bicycles. Rent or a sports bike. O ?? Keefe Rail Trail is namely less accessible with a simple city bike.
Balloon Flights of Bendigo
For an average of $ 250 per person you can enjoy a balloon ride over the city of Bendigo and across the region. The most booked flight starts before sunrise. You can enjoy the sun rising from the sky in a balloon.
Wine tasting in Heathcote
At 47 kilometers from the center of Bendigo, the region named Heathcote. This is known for its monthly market and to the world famous wines. You can take a tour here through the vineyards and wine cellars. There is after the tour time to actually taste the wines. Tip: Book the tour not in the morning, and certainly not on an empty stomach.

Parks in the area

In addition to large organized tours, you can also on your own to explore the national parks in the area. In these parks you can camp for little money if you have your own transport. Not all parks offer overnight stays. You can then best stay in the city itself and a taxi or car to explore the parks. The most famous parks in the area are:
  • One Tree Hill Regional Park
  • Diamond Hill
  • State Forrest
  • Bendigo regional Park
  • Eaglehawk Regional Park
  • Whipstick State Park
  • Kamarooka State Park