Benefit and student grants

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Student grants for income is not income, but the student may be considered income if you or your partner receives a benefit. What are the implications of a study grants for the benefit of your partner? You are still entitled to social assistance and what is the means test? Student Finance does not pay taxes, but it can mean a lower payment by law WBB.

Study and the right to assistance

If you will follow a study in most cases you are entitled, at least the basic grant but possibly an additional loan. What are the consequences for your benefit? If you are under 27 years you have if you can follow education with student not entitled to general assistance. For special assistance can still be exempted by the municipality. Even if you could attend school but do not do this, the right to social assistance. This means that a course of studies and the student take precedence over the right to social assistance. You can always make a request to the municipality as a youngster, but the municipality will assess whether you qualify for it and once there, the possibilities of a study, in most cases the answer will be no.

Work and Welfare Act WBB

Crucial in the combination of the right to study and the right to social assistance, Article 15 paragraph 1 of the Work and Welfare Act, which reads:
"No right to assistance exists to the extent an appeal may be made to a present provision which, given its nature and purpose, be deemed for interested adequate and appropriate. The right to also does not extend to the charges in the present provision as not be considered necessary. "
The student is seen as such a facility. Mind you, grant and an interest-bearing loan, soon on the loan system is also an advance study from 2015 to 2016.

I study, partner benefits

If one partner has social assistance, while the other partner receives grants, the rule is that the welfare can be equal to the maximum benefit for a single. Maximum, because the commune will then look at how the state of income within the household total. The student may have implications for the welfare of the household and the total income including the income support is higher than the social assistance to married couples. In addition, the student is allocated an income consisting of the basic grant, the maximum supplementary grant and loan base. Even if the student does not receive all the amounts per month.
Income from grants, January 1, 2014
After all, does not matter whether you are invoked in the present provision, but whether there is scope to do so. What to parents on social assistance goes to studying children who have student only and not earn, the student is not considered household income and, the right to full social assistance benefit. From September 1, 2015 is important whether you are a student grant received under the old system or the new feudal system, because the amounts in the higher education than diverge:
Income from grants, January 1, 2015
Income from grants, September 1, 2015 under feudalism

Student grants and Wajong

When the Wajong is important when you first received your benefit:
  • At the old Wajong you get your next pay student. If there's no income, the student does not discount the Wajong benefit.
  • If you have applied will be deducted on or after January 1, 2010 Wajong. The new Wajong in conjunction with the student, is your Wajong benefit 25% of the minimum wage.

Student grants and partner in the WW

Who receives unemployment benefits and a partner who is studying, as long as it has a right to unemployment benefit, there is no burden of a potential reduction in the allowance as a result of the student's partner. Indeed, the level of unemployment is based on work and thereby earned income.