Best Bed & Breakfast addresses in Netherlands

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Netherlands bursting Bed & Breakfast addresses and many of them allow themselves to qualify. B & B ?? s can through the Foundation Bed & Breakfast obtain a qualification, which is provided in the form of Tulips. has the largest online selection of B & B ?? s in the Netherlands. The website brings together thousands of addresses throughout the country. These are small-scale accommodation of good quality, guaranteed by the organization.

B & B

The Bed and Breakfast organization unites s ?? s which she is certain that the quality is good and is proportional to the price. The organization works with Tulips Qualification that will be distributed to participating B & B ?? s and organizes the election of best B & B ?? s in the Netherlands.

Best Bed & Breakfast Netherlands

There is an election year to ?? Best Bed & Breakfast in the Netherlands. ?? The election is an initiative of Foundation Bed & Breakfast Netherlands and provides the organization and in the awards B & B ?? s beautiful press moments. The Foundation develops and provides the Dutch Bed & Breakfast Classification and shares of Tulips. Connected s ?? s are divided into classes based on measurable standards. The accommodations are divided into classes 1 to 5 Tulips.


The organization shares the Tulips on the basis of objectively measurable factors. In order for the flower to be eligible, must be met minimum requirements, the so-called basic standards. Set for each part of the B & B are these basic standards. Think of the presence of smoke alarms, lock the door and curtains for the windows against the privacy, there is a toilet, the beds are good and the B & B is clean. The basic standards consist of a whole series of standards in the areas of:
  • privacy and security;
  • light, climate and electricity;
  • bed and furniture;
  • plumbing;
  • breakfast;
  • cleanliness and maintenance;
  • hospitality;
  • level.


The B & B ?? s one tulip at least meet the basic standards. For the higher qualification additional amenities are provided. The qualification is via a points system. There can earn a maximum of five Tulips. The awarded certification is checked. To this end, among other mystery guests traveling through the country.
1 Tulip
The accommodation meets the basic standards. Guests can count on a simple but well-cleaned and well-maintained bed and breakfast. The facilities are acceptable and enjoyable stay is guaranteed.
2 Tulips
Two Tulips speaks at the organization of a good middle-class bed and breakfast. There are better facilities present than at the 1 Tulp category and the quality is higher than the basic level.
3 Tulips
Guests can count on a three Tulips B & B on above average quality. It can be described as comfortable, convenient and with extra amenities and service. There is information about the local area and the breakfast is a breeze, fresh fruit and dairy.
4 Tulips
Tulips in four says the organization has a B & B of outstanding quality. There are many amenities and the service is very good. Both interior and exterior has been carefully.
5 Tulips
At a rating of five tulips there is talk of exceptional quality with a maintained accommodation to the last detail. Everything is out of the closet to give the guest a great stay. It's a B & B from top level where the guests will lack nothing. is a website where Bed & Breakfast accommodations in the Netherlands are presented. It is the largest site of its kind in the Netherlands. There are thousands of rooms and apartments grouped in province. It's a range that goes from simple and fun to super-luxurious and very special. The information on the website is available in several languages. There are detailed overview maps so that a B & B in every region of the country is easy to find. is a website of Bed & Breakfast Europe BV, the largest B & B website worldwide, available via

The Organisation is the spider in the web of B & B ?? s in the Netherlands and worldwide. The organization works to promote B & B ?? s and maintains contacts with governments, bed & breakfast organizations, strategic marketing partners, national and international media and thousands of B & B owners. is arranged at tourism fairs and is a regular participant in local, regional and national meetings.
The Dutch organization also promotes quality improvement, training and cooperation.

Sustainable tourism underlines the principles of Sustainable Tourism or ECO-tourism. Environment & Cultural Oriented travel is an increasingly important factor.
B & B ?? s tend to be durable. They are realized in existing houses and are therefore not tax planning. Moreover, does not much to be invested to create a beautiful experience. The accommodation itself is the experience.


Foundation Bed & Breakfast is the initiator of the election ?? Best Bed & Breakfast in the Netherlands. ?? This is also the foundation that controls the classification. Customers can evaluate the website their B & B.
Below are the 2014 winners.
The Best Bed & Breakfast in the Netherlands in 2014 has become Carpe Diem in Oirschot.

B & B Carpe Diem

B & B Carpe Diem is the winner of 2014 Carpe Diem Oirschot has two spacious, luxuriously furnished rooms, each with a jacuzzi and shower. The bathroom Rituals products are ready for use. The breakfast served in the room is made with produce from the vegetable garden. The B & B is on the ground floor in a separate part of the manor of the owners. Carpe Diem offers all the space and privacy with a private entrance, lovely garden with a small vineyard and a terrace. In fine weather, the breakfast served there. The B & B is located in the countryside, fifteen minutes walk from the historic center of Oirschot.
In the vicinity are many beautiful cycling and walking routes. There is free and fast wifi available.
B & B Carpe Diem
Eindhoven Dijk 34

Sonja's house

Sonja's house is in 2014 in the category of one tulip in prices. The B & B in Hollum on Ameland gets the third prize.
Guests can make use of a cozy living room with original fireplace and large dining table. The coffee and tea is ready there all day. The B & B is located in one of the most beautiful streets of Hollum on the island Ameland. Guests assessment shows that Huize Sonja offers excellent hospitality. The accommodation and facilities are excellent alright, as could confirm the mystery guest.
B & B Huize Sonja
Oosterlaan 6