Best shopping and Netherlands Ameland

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Nationally, an election voted for the best shopping in the country. NLstreets Awards organizes election since 2008. The best street and the best shopping in the country are chosen and the election puts the winner any harm. For the first time in 2013 will find the best shopping Ameland election instead.

Heeckerenstraat of the best shopping Ameland 2012


The Cutest Winkelstraat 2012 Ameland is located in Hollum, Ballum, Nes and Buren. On January 29, 2013 has clearly won the street in which village. It's the shoppers that determines which road wins. Those are Amelanders and visitors to the island. The best shopping Ameland NLstreets Awards following the election of the best shopping street of the Netherlands. That an election does Leeuwarden street with it, but a shopping street on Ameland is generally too small to join the national election. In 2013, the election of best shopping Ameland set up for the first time.


The four villages are extensive retailing. There are many shops with a great diversity. From small shops in ancient commander homes to spacious modern shops on the bypass, mini-chains to family business and eenpitter businesses to large employers for the neighborhood. The stores are organized in associations of retailers, entrepreneurs clubs or general tourism industry organizations and associations hold their annual donations and sponsorship in the leg. Assemble them with their backs into a vibrant island with villages where it's cozy shopping. The election Cutest Winkelstraat of Ameland is an incentive to make your shopping even more popular with your customers and shoppers.


The sectors that are represented on the island range from supermarket and bakery to white goods and everything in between and around it. The product is not represented on the island, sailed with a transport or coming via the courier and mail. For services that are not delivered on the island, its relationships with companies forged on the mainland. A good example is the printing. They are the many other companies that shopping next to the shops even livelier with their activity. Many sectors are represented, from library to gallery, from publisher to news agency and construction company to tourist.


For the election of 2012 Cutest Winkelstraat of Ameland from all four villages streets nominated plus the Webstore Street. Voting closes on 29 January 2013. The award-winning street win the honor and title Cutest Winkelstraat of Ameland in 2012 and an article that stores all of the street be named.
Here are the nominees for 2012:
  • O.P.Lapstraat Hollum
  • Main road Buren
  • Camminghastraat Ballum
  • Ballumerweg Nes
  • J.W.Burgerstraat Hollum
  • Willibrordusstraat Buren
  • Gerrit Kosterweg Ballum
  • Van Nes Heeckerenstraat
  • Schoolstraat Hollum
  • Fabriekspad Buren
  • Strandweg Nes
  • Reeweg Nes
  • Fabrieksweg Hollum
  • Kooiweg Buren
  • Nesserweg Ballum
  • Nes Torenstraat
  • Oranjeweg Hollum
  • Strandweg Buren
  • Douwe Klipweg Ballum
  • Rixt of Doniastraat Nes
  • H. Barents Street Hollum
  • Pastor Scholtenweg Buren
  • Strandweg Nes
  • Burenlaan Hollum
  • Nieuweweg Buren
  • Smitteweg Ballum
  • Kerkstraat Nes
  • Webshop Street Ameland

NL Streets Awards 2012

For the NL Streets Awards, the election until Cutest shopping street of the Netherlands, do many shopping areas in the country with it. The winner will be announced on February 1, 2013.
The top five consists of:
  • Kleine Kerkstraat - Leeuwarden
  • Haarlemmerdijk & street - Amsterdam
  • Raadhuistraat & Shortcuts - Heemstede
  • Beethoven - Amsterdam
  • Utrechtsestraat - Amsterdam

  • Price of shoppers

    The best shopping in the Netherlands in 2012 is determined by the shoppers. There is no jury involved.
    NLstreets organizes the election for the independent entrepreneur to a stabbing heartened. They must contend with heavy chain stores. NLstreets finds it a shame that shopping in various cities become increasingly similar to each other. The diversity disappears and independent entrepreneurs are finding it increasingly difficult to keep himself standing beside the chains.
    • Until February 1 can vote in the national election.
    • The price of 2011 was won by the Haarlemmerdijk / street in Amsterdam.
    • The 2012 award was won by Kleine Kerkstraat in Leeuwarden.
    • The price of 2013 was won by Raadhuisstraat & Shortcuts in Heemstede.


    NLstreets orgainseert not only the election of best shopping, but also best shopping in the country. In 2013 we see the following top five:
    • Revert - Haarlem
    • Chocolaterie Van Dam - Heemstede
    • inenom - Zoetermeer
    • Caulils - Amsterdam
    • 't Dierenparadijs - Zoetermeer


    Awards 2012
    Winner, best shopping Netherlands
    • Kleine Kerkstraat Leeuwarden
    Winner, best shop in the Netherlands
    • Chocolaterie Van Dam Hemstede


    Awards 2011
    Winner, best shopping Netherlands
    • Haarlemmerdijk & street - Amsterdam
    Winner, best shop in the Netherlands
    • Best Kept Secret in Haarlem

    Awards 2010
    Winner, best shopping Netherlands
    • Kleine Kerkstraat - Leeuwarden
    Winner, best shop in the Netherlands
    • Ariola in Groningen

    Awards 2009
    Winner, best shopping Netherlands
    • Small Houtstraat - Haarlem
    Winner, best shop in the Netherlands
    • Soellaart - Haarlem

    Awards 2008
    Winner, best shopping Netherlands
    • Small Houtstraat - Haarlem
    Winner, best shop in the Netherlands
    • FELIZ Collections - Den Bosch
    LegendaA Kleine Kerkstraat