Better hearing with "Better Hearing"

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Beter Horen You can come for your hearing problems. Usually first go to your own doctor, who looks or your ears ejected should be or you might suffer from an ear infection. Is this not the problem, you can consult with him to make an appointment with a K & D doctor or hearing specialist. This article about the service, and at Beter Horen.

The history of Beter Horen

The establishment of the current Beter Horen's been a hundred years ago. In 1910, all hearing aids manufactured by Pieter Geervliet. Because he had become deaf and felt attached to his peers, he has since been used for people with hearing problems. He stood at the foot of the current Beter Horen.
This case has been extended in the course of 100 years, a network of more than 225 shops in the Netherlands alone. Beter Horen has also become a part of in 2001 the Amplifon Group, an international company and a global leader in hearing problems. It is headquartered in Milan and has offices in Canada, America, Egypt and in many European countries.

Quality first

Beter Horen that when you're in good hands is evident from the fact that all employees, both hearing care professionals and other employees are expertly trained. They can therefore good advice and recommended products are all guaranteed by ISO and STAR certificates.
It is possible to leave a free hearing test in one of the stores do and to obtain an explanation of the many possible hearing instruments and products. In many villages and towns, the Beter Horen bus along which it offers a free hearing test at the spot.
If philosophy has Beter Horen the four Bs are of paramount importance:
  • Affordability, through the free hearing tests, trial periods, advice on preventing and five year aftercare. This with a large extended range.
  • Accessibility, through the more than 225 branches always one in your area.
  • Understandably, by providing information without complicated medical terms, further by giving lectures and tips on how to deal with hearing impairment.
  • Happiness, the intent of Beter Horen is because people ought to be after visiting one of the shops. Hopefully you can then fully participate in social life.

Hear what experts are

the doctor
Usually the doctor the one where you first go to. Who will try to find a cause for your hearing problem. If the problem is bigger than a blockage or inflammation in your ear, he / she will refer you to an otolaryngologist.
the otolaryngologist
The ENT doctor is affiliated with a hospital and treats problems of the throat, nose and ears. Carries out research and advice, he / she also necessary operations.
The audiological center
In an audiological center are some problems that have to do with speech and hearing. Sitting in such a center, psychologists, speech therapists and audiologists. For hearing problems, so you'll usually have to deal with the audiologist. He can advise you on the complex problems and the best solutions for it.
The hearing care professional
The hearing care professional has followed a thorough training in the field of hearing and is at home in the latest developments in the hearing industry with regular refresher courses in the field. If necessary, he will contact a physician.

Life Shell

Although there are standard earbuds are sold, you have the Life Shell, a custom made earpiece. This obviously fits best into your ear and thus provides a better quality though. The Life Shell is small and therefore does not really stand out and fit most hearing aids.
The advantages are in a nutshell:
  • Fits almost all hearing aids
  • Easy to use
  • Barely visible and skin friendly
  • Perfect fit so comfortably in the ear
  • Ear is not closed
  • Always an excellent and constant noise
  • Special technology prevents transpiration and pressure differences
  • Your insurer often reimburses Life Shell


If you are unsure whether your hearing deteriorates, you can drop by your doctor to control or at one of the shops of Beter Horen's do a free hearing test. Here you can possibly avoid bigger problems later, and everything is done by the very involved audiologists to bring your audience identify and improve. On the site of Beter Horen everything for you once put on a list.