Between Year - by studying for a year or something else?

Education buddha5000 August 8, 2016 0 0
Nowadays it is becoming more common for pupils and students to embark on a new course decide to work for a year and / or travel. The reasons are anticipating. Similarly, the elements of this year.


If you do not know what you want to study or attend for financial reasons you might consider working part-time or full-time. Fortunately, there are plenty of choices, from working in a supermarket to an administrative job. The extent to which you succeed in finding a job that suits you depends on age, experience, training and perseverance. Vacancies can be found on the Internet and in the newspaper. Additionally, you may find yourself getting off on a business or camp with an employment agency. Jobs at an employment agency are often on a temporary basis.


An effective interpretation of a gap year is making trips where you might later do not have time anymore. You can even map out a trip, but there are also specialized agencies that can help you. When an 'average' journey you nothing seems you can think of for example, volunteering, language study or au pair abroad. For more inspiration and ideas you can find more information via search engines with the search for 'gap year'. This is the English term for gap year. In England and the US a year between very common.


A common counter-argument for a gap year is that the motivation to study sinks in many cases. Think for yourself if you find it important to continue studying. Especially with an MBO diploma this is not always necessary for a job that you enjoy.
Here are some arguments are put on a list.
Possible benefits:
  • Security to actually start a new training
  • Positive effect on motivation new training
  • Gaining Experience
  • The ability to save money for training, to achieve home ownership, etc.
  • More insight into interests

Possible drawbacks:
  • Negative effect on motivation new training
  • More money = more money to spend; if chosen for an interim year for financial reasons this is an important counter-argument
  • Possible long period before finding a suitable job; there is time lost
  • Less free time


Think for yourself what you want and think is good for you. What one is a good argument as to whether or not to start may be unimportant to you. Think so carefully about the elements of this year and whether you plan to realize; of course it is a shame if you opt for a gap year but have nothing to do. For more tips and experience I recommend to look at forums.