Biblical history 26: Moses in Egypt

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Moses gets interested in the suffering of the Jewish people. He's going to help them. One day he strikes an Egyptian overseer death. He must flee to Kush. There he becomes king. But if the government falls, he must flee again. He comes into contact with the Midian priest Jethro. This offers him his daughter Zipporah as his wife. Moses and Zipporah have two children: Gershom and Eliezer.

Moses' first adventures

Moses fled Egypt
Moses gets older and gets interested in the suffering of his brethren the children of Israel. He goes to Goshen and talk to the Jewish slaves and trying to soften their duty whenever possible. He often helps to alleviate the burden of an old Jew. Moses knows how to move Pharaoh to lighten the burden on the slave bit by bit, but he is careful enough not to be distrusted by the Pharaoh. One of the lights is a day of rest, the Sabbath.
One day Moses again goes to Goshen to bring hope and encouragement to the Jews to whom he is very popular. They appreciate his kindness and the help he can give them, and they are amazed at his willingness to want to learn the sacred teachings of the Levites.
On that day, something happens in Goshen which is not unusual. He sees an Egyptian beating one of his slaves. Moses sees this injustice and kills the overseer. After he has assured himself that no one had witnessed, he buries the body in the sand and returns to the palace of Pharaoh.
Soon after he visited Goshen again. This time, he sees two Jews arguing with each other. He warns stabbing one of them not lift a finger to his fellow Jew. The man answers back: "Who are you to judge us You intend to kill me as you did the Egyptian?" Moses realizes that his life is now in danger. Indeed, one has to be condemned to death by message to the Pharaoh and Moses. But when the ax of the executioner comes down to his neck, a miracle happens. Moses' neck is hard as a rock and the ax springs back. In the confusion knows Moses to escape and flight to the land of Kush. There he stays for many years and becomes king.
Moses in Midian
A revolt in the government of Kush forced Moses to flee again and he goes to Midian. The priest of Midian, Jethro, was once one of the main advisers to the Pharaoh, but because he had a friendly attitude towards the Jews, he had to leave the court of Pharaoh. Jetro settled in Midian and was the highest priest of the country. As Jethro was intelligent and saw the folly of idolatry, he gave up his priesthood. The people of Midian began to hate him and chase. It often happened that the daughters of Jethro were driven from the common spring when they gave water to the cattle of their father. They had to wait as last.
On the day when Moses arrived in Midian, he sees the rough shepherds chase the daughters of Jethro from the water source. Moses is going to help the women. On that day they return early to Jethro and he is surprised and see so soon. His daughters tell him of the unexpected help. Jetro invites he gives Moses immediately and not much later his daughter Zipporah as wife. Zipporah gave Moses two children. The first is called Gershom and Eliezer called the second.

Summary - questions

To check for yourself whether you have understood the texts are some questions here. The answers can be found in the text above.
  • What Moses manages to persuade the Pharaoh to lighten the burden of the Jews?
  • Why Moses kills an Egyptian overseer?
  • In what way do Moses avoid execution?
  • Why begun to hate the people of Midian Jethro?
  • How are called the sons of Moses?
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