Binge eating disorder can not stop eating.

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 Binge eating disorder can not stop eating, has been for several weeks, an official disorder, but this problem has existed for much longer. Probably suffer approximately 150,000 people, and that number is rising rapidly.

 An increasing number of people can not stop eating. It's not just about snacks such as crisps, biscuits and chocolate, but binge eating where everything is available at breakneck speed is crammed inside: packets spreads from the refrigerator, frozen sandwiches from the freezer, raw meats way from the butcher home.

 Too many calories

 Binge eating binges are called in English, but the gay connotation that the term binge, do not go to people who do not control their eating behavior. In some cases, people in one thousand calories in, while you have two thousand a day. They eat until they could eat no more. Until they are ill, so full and sick that they can no longer function. They take to stop them, but I can not. They are ashamed because they arrive and their eating behavior can not control. The food governed their lives.

 No bulimia

 Unlike people with bulimia, who binges are offset by vomiting, laxatives or excessive exercise, people with a 'binge' logically very difficult.

 This eating disorder is one of the new diagnoses in the DSM-5, the new manual for psychiatry which was released in May. Elske van den Berg, head of treatment matters of eating disorder clinic Novarum in Amsterdam: "We believe that 20 percent of obese people have this disorder, which is a modest estimate." There are big differences between people with binge eating disorder and those with 'just' an unhealthy lifestyle or obesity. "There is a qualitative difference. For example, well-known chefs who are overweight, but for whom cooking is their passion and their lives. However, some people, like Paul de Leeuw and Hanneke Groenteman, that will come out that they suffer of had binges that their relationship with food is disrupted or was. "

 Binge eating disorder

 People suffering with binge eating disorder, their quality of life is arguably worse. It is a problem that often can not be solved only with willpower, like a drug addiction or problem drinking. They are out of control. Van den Berg: "There is much misunderstanding Partner or doctor says. Well just keep on eating and that these people can not be right!".

 Eating out of boredom

 Martine is a handsome, fresh-cut forties in high heels. She has a good job in senior management, a nice house, and an eating disorder. She suffered for years from severe binge eating and weighed her heaviest point 120 kilos. After gastric bypass surgery and months of intensive therapy is now doing well. "It was not that I was all day eating, I was just always on a diet," she says. "I tried everything, the Heart Association diet, the bread diet, the South Beach Diet ... They all worked:. I was 30 kilos in three years, was again 40 kilos It is a kind of elastic that you're stuck with:.. You pull and attracts and comes quite a bit, but eventually it again jumps back. The lines, denying, for me an additional trigger that makes me feel more like in bad things. "

 "At work I ate little, I sat with crackers cream cheese between my lunching colleagues. In the car home, I rode past a store for a pack of donuts." The binge eating came from boredom, frustration and loneliness. "Often there a direct link between food and something nasty. I was raised with: do not cry, you get a cookie. On your knees fall? Sweet it. You put your emotions eat away by. But cramming was for me a way of procrastination, or to fight boredom. I just had nothing to do? Then I went to eat. Then there had to cake in. Or a roll cake. Or two. "

 Low self esteem

 People with binge eating disorder have a very low self-esteem, which leads to social withdrawal. Not daring to be assertive, relationship problems, difficulties with sexuality. Everything is interconnected: they feel a weakling because they can not stop, and because they then feel miserable, they start eating properly again. Van den Berg: "And remember how many runs your social life to eat Some people do not dare to eat in public, or to lunch with colleagues.."

 Martine: "I did not know what was normal A normal self a normal diet I had no idea if I was sitting with friends in a cafe and girlfriends ordered no cake, although there is cake was in the showcase, I thought.?. how do they do that, they need their heads still be working on that cake At that time I was just there all the time doing "?.

 Stomach reduction

 Several years ago she underwent gastric bypass surgery, major surgery where they had to restore months. She fell off rapidly, but to her horror showed a tendency not to stuff themselves her alone. "It's a physical limitation, you can not eat a lot. But the urge was still there. I trudged restlessly through the house and just wanted to eat. But I could not. Then went in also my relationship out. That was the drop I have reported sick and sought help, quite a project, as I work in my trade I've even written a plan of action:.. five months just therapy and the gym. "


 Van den Berg, who Martine went into therapy, says that it is more common that people after their surgery still have binges. "This kind of eating behavior comes not from hunger, but it is a strategy to cope with stress and problems if you learn no other strategies, eating problems keep even after surgery to Dati Extremely Harmful:.. Be jekuntonwel, food gets stuck in the esophagus, there may be complications occur in the scars. "

 Never diets

 Van den Berg: "If you have a binge eating disorder is dieting about the worst thing you can do People must learn to normal and enough food to choose something that fills good enough carbohydrates It goes almost to that you learn again.. dare eat. " Martine: "I'm not unhappy when I eat something sweet, because I no longer feel guilty if I do what take, it must be the best, I now find myself not so ugly, I see not only the.. downsides when I look in the mirror. The more compliments and the more attention, the better it goes. I may get bored. I may bales. I somewhere in the car thinking, and then wants to get a box Moor head. Now I'm just a game whine. I have myself back in the hand because I myself no longer in my hands. It is through these convulsive grip on my food let go, it's better now. "

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