Biotechnology Development through the years

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Modern biotechnology has only existed for a few decades, and this altered genetic material of the organism. This is done so as to change the properties of a particular organism or to improve for practical purposes. The concept of genetic modification, is to share with modern biotechnology. That is to change hereditary characteristics of an organism in a way that is does not occur naturally.

How is the development of biotechnology expired?

The following individuals have played an important role in the development of biotechnology:
Louis Pasteur was born in 1822 in France. By profession he was scheikundeige and biologist.
The name Pasteur well known you will avoid the term: pasteurisation.
Around 1867 he was the first who knew how to ferment looked and worked, and soon he also knew how bacteria looked like and how you could kill. Since pasteurization comes from: the longer houbaar making food.
Mendel was born in 1822, but in the Czech Republic, he was a monk. He did experiments with peas in the monastery garden by crossing them and stuff, and study the offspring. He came with this at a given time after a lot of experiments to know characteristics of the parental plants were passed on to the offspring. Although he did not know how they worked, he made us one step closer to our present form came un biotechnology.
Miescher was a Swiss biochemist. In sick house he rinsed white blood cells from bandages, and came to know about the cell. In that it comprises a scoop; the cell nucleus. And he discovered a substance that came from the nucleus, which he called nuclein. Nucleic literally means dust from the nucleus
But Miescher did not cope with his observations.
Walther Flemming was born in 1843. He found out just how heredity worked. He dividing cells where, and the threads in the cells he called chromosomes, and watched as the carriers of heredity. He seemed to be right, omdt everything corresponded to Mendel's laws.
This was of course a huge step forward, and towards our modern biotechnology.
Oswald Avery
Oswald Avery broke it the observations of Flemming out more. This was a researcher who was born in 1877 in Great Britain.
He found out HOW wearing heredity actually worked. The fact that the genetic data of a induvidu is borne by the nucleic, the substance from the nucleus of a cell.
The term nucleic hereby changed to the familiar term: DNA
Crick and Watson
The British biologist Francis Crick and the American biologist and biochemist James Watson first unmasked in 1953 the structure of the DNA. This discovery was published in the British journal; Natura. And in 1962 she received the Nobel Prize for medicine ???? ????


Thanks to all this human brain development and we are now very far in modern biotechnology, we can apply a high number of modern techniques. And still we discover more and more things