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Spain is not only a destination for a holiday in the sun, but also for a birding tour. Especially if you want to spot birds of prey such as vultures and eagles, Spain is an absolute must. You can opt for a package tour, but you can also make a bird on your own trip to Spain! Because of the sunny climate, the mountain ranges and the large nature is Spain for many birds on a winter country and partly because one of the best bird countries in Europe. You can find great birding in the country, such as:
  • The Pyrenees and the Elbro delta in the North East, near Barcelona
  • The province of Extremadura between Madrid and the Portuguese border
  • Doñana National Park in the south, in Malaga

The offer of organized birding trips to these and other Spanish birding is great. In most cases it comes to group or individual tours of a week. The spring is generally the most popular time period.

300 bird species in the Ebro delta

The seaside location, swampy National Park Ebro Delta, no fewer than 300 species of birds have been observed, more than half of the number of species throughout Europe. You will find here great breeding colonies ralreigers, cattle egrets and purple herons.
Furthermore, this wetland is a favorite resting place for huge groups of ibises and flamingos ?? s.
The Ebro Delta is from Barcelona to combine with a trip to the Spanish Pyrenees, a paradise for birds of prey such as bearded vulture, griffon vulture and golden eagle.

Raptors and stairs in Extremadura

The province is Extremadura in central Spain is not called so. It means ?? extremely heavy or hard ??, referring to the extreme climate and landscape. ?? In summer it is here sometimes nearly 50 degrees, while in winter ?? regularly severely frost. The landscape is characterized mainly by a rugged steppe area, interspersed with rivers, green and colorful in the spring, dry summer. It is one of the best destinations in Europe for a birding tour focused on specific prey.
In the National Park Monfragüe life very rare birds of prey such as the imperial eagle and the black vulture. In addition, Extremadura is the area to see the grand staircase. An estimated 23 000 copies here of this great bird, 50% of all major stages in the world.

Ibises, Flamingo ?? s and terns in Doñana National Park

In the extreme south of Spain lies Doñana National Park. This swampy area is one of Europe ?? s most important areas for migratory birds. Since there are hardly any roads run through Doñana, it is advisable to explore this area in an organized bird trip or via a locally controlled bird excursion.
Special birds that can be spotted in Doñana, are extremely rare imperial eagle, knobbed and marbled teal. Very impressive also are the large colonies of flamingos ?? s and black ibises.

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