Blackfish; orcas in captivity

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Blackfish is a poignant documentary from 2013 which Tilikum's story, a killer whale that lives in captivity, says. The documentary did quite a stir and was a good reason to have a debate around wild animals in captivity.


Gabriela Cowperthwaite goes in the documentary talking to eyewitnesses and brings us up to date on how Orca ?? s is handled in the entertainment industry. The highly developed mammals are held in captivity for the money. We pay to see the animals do tricks, owners of dolphinariums and parks become rich at the expense of the animals to life in prison in deplorable conditions. The documentary Blackfish us also raises the urgent question whether these animals still may be held in captivity!
In the documentary, one can see how young orca ?? s be cornered, separated from their parents. Fishermen try to catch the younger animals, those who will not survive cut open and filled with stones and then to be sunk.

Incidents involving trainers

In recent years there are so ?? one hundred cases of incidents where trainers were hurt in dolphinariums or even deceased. The American SeaWorld in Florida, by far the biggest dolphinarium in the world, is the dolphinarium where resides Tilikum. The male killer whale made in the 90s even before a fatal accident in a dolphinarium in Canada, but still SeaWorld decided to buy him and use him in the killer whale shows. The subsequent incidents there with killer ?? s fell for SeaWorld were often denied. Accidents that occurred layers according to the SeaWorld trainers, and not to the animals themselves. Scientists and former trainers are not, however, agree on that. It would be the captivity the animals will blow.

Dawn Brancheau

On February 24, 2010 died Tilikum ?? s trainer Dawn Brancheau after an incident with the killer. According to SeaWorld, it was the fault of Brancheau itself. Tilikum would have wanted to play with her ponytail; they should have so her hair worn in a bun. Eyewitnesses then say that the killer whale grabbed her by the arm. In the documentary it is considered offensive to Sea World never pick up his trainers.


The documentary is reasonable for many-sided; there is only talk from the same viewpoint. Killer ?? ?? s do not belong in captivity ??. Gabriela Cowperthwaite can, however, do little about it for the simple reason that SeaWorld did not want to cooperate in the documentary.


After the death of Dawn Brancheau, the SeaWorld chain lost a court case concerning the contact between killer ?? s and trainers. Henceforth trainers may not coincide with the killer ?? s in the water for safety reasons.

Leaked court documents

A recent leaked court documents show that SeaWorld benzodiazepine, which includes Valium and Xanax, used to keep the aggressive behavior of killer ?? s control.

Conclusion Blackfish

The main conclusion of the documentary Blackfish has to be to stay out of dolphinariums and to stop supporting this trade this way road. ?? S orcas are wild animals and therefore belong at home in the wild.