Blaudzun - Dutch singer-songwriter

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If you listen to his music, it is hard to believe that he is a Dutch artist. The third album called 'Heavy Flowers' by Blaudzun came in the first week at number 4 on the Album Top 100. In 2014 he released his fourth album "Promises of no man's land' even at No. 1. Who is this singer-songwriter ?


Blaudzun is the pseudonym of John Sigmond. This name he has chosen for his other passion, cycling. Verner Blaudzun is a Danish cyclist in the 70s still headed by Joop Zoetemelk. John Sigmond was born in Arnhem on October 26th, 1974, and active since 2006 as singer-songwriter Blaudzun. Before that, he was a background singer in various bands. You can organize his music in the category of Coldplay, Ane Brun, Arcade Fire and Ryan Adams. In the Netherlands, he is undoubtedly recognized by many people thanks to his performances at The World Keeps Turning to DWDD Recordings.

Music Topic

The songs he wrote for his first album were originally intended as a soundtrack for overnight car trips. These numbers he brought in-house, and several record companies showed interest in him. The music of Blaudzun about things that break or expire. His third album 'Heavy Flowers' is named after flowers heavy with age and go hang. The pleasure of beholding things turn out, but you know that they later shoot in the bud, Blaudzun wants to express in his music.


The music of Blaudzun is very compelling. The many tools used in the numbers work constructively, there are still elements in. His brother, Jacob Sigmond, accompanies him to include guitar and lap steel, but also with vocals. The band consists of Wouter de Waart, Tom Swart, Franc Thomas Carpenter, Judith van der Klip and Laurens Palsgraaf. But the main part of the song is the voice of Blaudzun. Sometimes it sounds depressing, sometimes hopeful and combative, but always a confrontational sound.
Incidentally, John also plays a number of instruments:
  • guitar
  • Percussion
  • ukulele
  • banjo
  • bass
  • test


After the EP "Love Lies Bleeding" which he released under its own management in 2007 there are now three albums.
With his album 'Heavy Flowers' Blaudzun won in September 2012 3voor12 the award for Best Dutch Album. The jury consisted of four experts from the world of music, four Dutch pop musicians and four public judges. Besides the award Blaudzun received a cash prize of 1203.12 euros. Other nominees for the award in 2012 included Faberyayo, Kraantje Daddy, Jungle by Night, Moss and The Kik.


Although Blaudzun in 2011, not many performances given in connection with the recording of the album 'Heavy Flowers', goes after the relaeseshow of this album in January 2012 in Tivoli suddenly very hard. There followed several performances in a sold out Tivoli, Noorderslag 2012 and then completely sold out club tour in the Netherlands and Belgium. He has played at various festivals, including in Parkpop 2012, Lowlands Appelpop 2012 and 2012.