Blepharoplasty - correction to the upper and or lower eyelid

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With age, the eyelids can relax and go hang. The upper eyelids are so heavy that they hang over the eyes which can obstruct the field. At the lower eyelids can cause puffiness so you can get a tired appearance. The upper and / or lower eyelids to make correct you there rested and younger.

What is a blepharoplasty?

An eyelid surgery can be carried out both at the upper eyelid and the lower eyelid. Excess skin, muscle and possibly the adipose tissue is then surgically removed. It is a relatively simple procedure, and this is then also be carried out under local anesthesia. The operation takes about half an hour to an hour.
After the operation, the eyes are cooled with a cooling mask in order to reduce the swelling as much as possible. There may possibly occur subsequent bleeding. If there are no longer occur secondary bleeding after surgery can go home after cooling.


The tissue around the eyes is thin, therefore there are always swelling and bruising after eyelid surgery. Because of the first days after the operation, to be cooled with a cool pack can help to reduce the swelling. You can also cool the eyelid with a towel or tea towel with ice cubes in it.
Your face will be there the first week after surgery look pretty battered by the bruising and swelling. However, this can not hurt, after about six weeks, all the swelling and bruises are gone.
You can use the next day to pick up your daily activities and possibly go to work. Be the first three weeks of care with heavy physical work and avoids much work as possible where there is pressure on the eyes as stooping, bending and heavy lifting.
One week after the operation, the sutures are removed in the clinic. The scars of the operation will still be seen a few months clearly. Because the scar of the upper eyelid in the crease of the eyelid is this almost invisible. The scar of the lower eyelid is just below the lashes making the scar less noticeable.

Risks and complications ??

Every surgery carries some risk ?? s along with it. Similarly, there can arise in eyelid surgery complications. The most common complications that can occur specifically in eyelid surgery are discussed below.
Wound healing and bleeding:
There is a chance that the wound after surgery does not heal as nicely as they should. This allows the scars may be more visible than desired. Further bleeding may occur after surgery, which can cause bruising. This does not look so pretty out but has no adverse effect on the final result. The body dissolves the bruises on itself.
Tight skin:
It may happen that the skin through surgery has become tighter than desirable and receive are affected. This is a minor procedure in the clinic to solve again.


The cost for an upper or lower eyelid are about ?? 1200 - for both eyes. Do you both have upper and lower eyelid correction, the cost is about ?? 2400, -. Because a blepharoplasty surgery is not medically necessary, you usually will not be reimbursed by the health insurer. The health insurance company will reimburse only the cost of an upper eyelid surgery if you have a drooping upper eyelid burden of sight obstruction.