Blueberries, Antioxidants Miraculous Doing Very Well

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Sandra Ianculescu - Blueberries are considered since ancient times miracle cures for many diseases, particularly urinary tract. The positive impact it was discovered by our ancestors and confirmed today by specialized studies.
Of all known fruits, blueberries contain more antioxidants, which make them important weapons in the defense of the human body.
They prevent the development of chronic diseases and prevent infection.
In the composition, there acids, proteins, Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, C, E, but also oils and minerals.
The daily consumption of blueberries forms a barrier against pathogenic bacteria such as E. coli, Helicobacter pylori, Streptococcus mutans. This medical benefit comes from proanthocyanidins, which act against various bacteria, preventing their attachment to the lining of certain organs.
The involvement of blueberries in bacterial level can translate into a support base for the human body: in essence, they help the body to maintain health, to fight possible infections and to support the fight against free radicals.
The decrease in the number of infections also involves reducing the use of antibiotics in excess, a problem that affects children, but also adults globally.
In addition, it has also been scientifically demonstrated that blueberries have a positive impact in the fight against malignant tumors.
A group of Canadian researchers has demonstrated that cancer cells to the level of the mammary glands were subjected to a much lower risk of developing into cancer, if you consume blueberries, which become a real support for the body even before the rheumatic diseases: antioxidants from blueberries neutralize free radicals in the body.

Cranberry juice - ten miracles in a glass

Treatment with cranberry juice for a few weeks can be a miracle for your body.
Simply rinsing the mouth decreases the bacterial colony, a cup of fresh juice of cranberries does wonders for the cardiovascular system, restores the level of cholesterol, it inhibits the growth of tumor cells, prevents infections
The cranberry juice can also complete diets: their organic acids have the ability to reduce fat deposits in a few weeks.
Blueberries can help you free yourself from kidney stones, reduce the risk of osteoporosis, strengthen bones, being a rich source of calcium, also fight cancer mainly because of proanthocyanidin, an antioxidant 20 times stronger than Vitamin C.
Consuming for several weeks a glass of cranberry juice a day, and your body will be much stronger.