Body and soul: rules for a healthy diet

Health Kandos July 27, 2016 0 51
At ?? good and tasty food ?? think most people taste and enjoy, at ?? good nutrition ?? previously on the health and the figure is thereby eating and nutrition certainly not a contradiction; health and a good figure can be combined with fine taste and enjoy.

Plenty of vegetables, potatoes and fruit

Fruit and vegetables contain mainly carbohydrates, which should provide more than half the daily energy consumed.
In addition, supply of fruit and vegetable dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, and water to the body. Due to the high water content and fiber, they are relatively energy efficient. Legumes contain beside a particularly high proportion of roughage.

Less animal protein

Even though animal protein in comparison to vegetable protein usually have a higher biological value, that is to say that it is better utilized by the human organism, bring the animal protein suppliers not only good things. Besides the very high protein supply meat, sausage and eggs because too undesirable substances such as saturated fat, cholesterol, purine and salt. Therefore eating meat should be limited to two or three small servings per week. Also, sausage and eggs would not be more than two or three times a week should eten.U can instead of better meat twice a week, eat saltwater fish. It also delivers both high quality protein

Drink conscious

Drinking ensures the fastest possible power supply without causing a feeling of satiety. Because this energy, especially if it comes from soft drinks or alcoholic beverages, inadequate nutritional supplies, the advice is to refrain as much as possible of such drinks. Especially alcohol, pure provides about 7 calories per gram, should never be used as a thirst quencher.
Larger quantities of alcohol do not only have a negative influence on the reflexes and in the co-ordination capability, but result in regular use in the worst case to addiction, and then not only cause damage to organs such as liver, kidney, stomach and intestine, but also the brains.
In the ideal case, the fluid intake, which is about 1.5 liters and which must be met by drinking, by providing bottled water or fruit tea. Coffee and tea are common, even though they do not contain any energy, only suitable to a limited extent in order to provide the moisture needed, because they are in the form of caffeine and theobromine stimulating substances bevatten.Vruchtensap and vegetable juice must be diluted, if possible, to drink. You save that way is not only a lot of energy, the juice is also rapidly absorbed by the body.

Smaller meals more often

Smaller meals not only stimulate the metabolism, but also ensure that the depressions that always occur in the course of the day are less severe. So take a second breakfast and later in the afternoon snack. Instead, the main meals should be somewhat smaller than usual, so that the total supply of energy need not rise. Is your normal body weight, you can also after supper still eat a small snack.

Tasty cooking with no loss of nutrients

The cooking process should be as short as possible with the use of little water or vet1 to maintain the nutrients and the taste of the dishes. Vitamins are partly water-soluble and sensitive to heat, oxygen and light. To preserve them, you need fruits and vegetables cool, dry and store as short as possible and you should never heat them for too long. In addition, you have to wash them for cutting and not for in small pieces cut, so that the outer layer, which contains most of the nutrients, will remain intact as much as possible. A careful preparation is not only good for the nutrient content, but also improves the flavor considerably.