Book Review: A hole in my bucket

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A hole in my bucket is a wonderful book by Ingrid and Dieter Schubert on Beer wants watering flowers but his bucket is leaking. Fortunately there friend Hedgehog. Together they do their best to fill the hole in the bucket. The end is fun chosen by the authors. Both children and adults will enjoy the beautiful illustrations.

Data from the book A hole in my bucket

  • Text and illustrations: Ingrid and Dieter Schubert
  • Publisher: Lemniscaat
  • Year: 1998
  • Page ?? s: 25
  • ISBN: 90 5637 107 X
  • Genre: children's book, picture book
  • Price: around 12 euro

Ingrid and Dieter Schubert

Ingrid and Dieter were born in Germany, Ingrid in Essen, Dieter in Oschersleben. Ingrid started her nineteenth trained at the Academy of Münster where she specialized in painting, in 1971 Dieter also went to the academy and they met. In 1977 both received a scholarship for the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, where she specialized in illustrating children's books. During the training they make the task of the picture book there is a crocodile under my bed !, this book was published by Lemniscaat. It is the beginning of a successful partnership, they encourage each other and complement each other, but to inform the outside world about who does what in the book.

The story

On a warm day Bear notices that the bluebells for his burrow slack. He wants to water the flowers, but his bucket is leaking, there is a hole in the ground. Bear is upset but luckily his friend Hedgehog wants to help him.
Hedgehog seems like a good idea to plug the hole with straw. But if they are too hard and found the straw is too chewy, it must be cut. Hedgehog gets a pair of scissors from his home but the cutter is blunt. They look for a stone to sharpen the scissors, but to grind, you need water. And to collect water has Dipper and bucket needed. Then it starts to rain and when the rain is over are the bluebells again superb at. Beer pick a beautiful bouquet of flowers for Hedgehog because this had helped him so well. Hedgehog goes straight home to put them in the water. If Bear asks Hedgehog something has answered to put the flowers Hedgehog home that he does have a bucket ...

Text and illustrations

This duo always makes beautiful illustrations, watercolor drawings are like paintings. On the front you see Hedgehog and Bear, Bear has his snout in the bucket and Hedgehog looks smiling at him. On the back of Beer a brightly colored butterfly. The image extends to the back of the book, you will see a piece of forest and some forest animals. On the endpapers you see footprints of Beer. The illustrations always occupy a double page, bottom placed into a white streak is the text. The story takes place in nature, the colors green, yellow and brown emerges strongly. One of the drawings Hedgehog and Bear found a stone, the wind blows hard on this drawing and that is very fine picture. The trees are bent, the hair of Beer blow all the way and the leaves fly through the air. Nice that there except Beer and Hedgehog more to see animals in the pictures are like a mouse, an owl, a squirrel, a butterfly. On every page you can find three to five lines of text. These are short phrases, they are easy to understand for children over four years. Text and illustrations seamlessly together.


Bear goes to his knees and looks more closely at the flowers.
They look so sorrowful ?? ?? A little patience, guys ?? he says.
?? Then you get water. ??
In addition, Egel al back. He proudly holds up a large pair of scissors.
??Look!?? he shouts from afar. ?? This allows us the straw into pieces
Cut! ?? Glad Bear grabs the scissors.

My opinion

All books of this duo fall in our taste. The beautiful drawings, fun for children but definitely for adults. The story is simple but nicely built up to the end had to laugh my toddler son.