Book Review: later I become hairdresser

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This book will find a child everything he or she needs to know to be true to the dream barber or hairdresser. What you should be able, with whom you will be working in a hair salon, what equipment do you need? The answers can be found in this booklet. The book is suitable for children from the age of six / seven.

Details of the book

  • Title: Later I become hairdresser
  • Text: Hilde Vandermeeren
  • Illustrations: Marjolein Pottie
  • Publisher: Davidsfonds Infodok
  • Year: 2011
  • Page ?? s: 29
  • ISBN: 978 90 5908 412 4
  • Genre: children's book, picture book

The writer, Hilde Vandermeeren

On her website, I read that Hilde was born in 1970 and half of twins. When she could read she was not saving more away from the library. As a child, she sometimes put a story on paper, but these have been lost. In 1993 Hilde Vandermeeren graduated as a psychologist. She has taught for ten years in secondary education. In 2001 she published her first book, published by Davidsfonds / Infodok. Because writing is what she wants to do, she put the move in 2006 to a full-time author. In 2007 she was editor of the newspaper kits, a topical newspaper for 10-somethings in publishing The Unicorn.

The illustrator Marjolein Pottie

Marjolein Pottie was born in 1970. As a child she already loved drawing and crafts. She Functional chart studied at the Sint-Lucas Institute in Ghent. Marjoram has worked as a graphic designer at the VUM group, but after the birth of her second child she gave the job and focused on illustrating. In 1995 she illustrated her first children, now she already has a fifty books with illustrations. Marjolein Pottie has also participated in the children's magazines Hug and Kikje. In 1997 she won the Boekenpauw with Muu and in 1999 was awarded a Who Boekenwelp.

The contents of this book

The book begins with an illustration of a boy and a girl. The boy asks the girl what she wants to become. The girl wants to be a hairdresser.
Then the following topics:
  • What should I be?
  • What should I do?
  • What do I need?
  • Where do I work?
  • With whom I work there?

After these two chapters follow-on assignments:
  • Picture ?? s put in the right order.
  • All seem to be objects which items belong to a hairdresser and which are not?

  • On the last page ?? s you see the girl that wants to be a hairdresser dreams of a future as a hairdresser in a salon.

    The text and illustrations

    The illustration on the front cover gives good at what this book is about. You see a girl who cuts another child. Above this picture, brushes, combs, scissors and hair products. On the back of the book contains five questions, if you all answered yes, then you cut to be fixed later hairdresser. Below is a brief description of the contents of the book. On the pink bracts, you see a picture of a hairdresser who cuts the hair of a girl. The page ?? s filled with illustrations, large and small illustrations alternate. In the drawings, you'll find text, a few sentences at a time. At the beginning and end in a bubble. When the large plates, the letters are greater than in the small images. You see drawings showing the two children, and around plates with adults who cut or work in a hair salon. At the end of the book a nice look plate.

    Two fragments

    Most hairdressers work in a hair salon. This can be self-employed or salaried. There are also hairdressers who work in a nursing home or arrive home.
    In a hair salon, a barber works with other hairdressers and / or hairdressers together. Often there are also apprentices and / or ?? girl, who follow a hairdresser training. The experienced hairdressers and stylists give them tips.

    What age

    A book to read to children from the age of six. Can a child already well read than the book can be taken independently. It's a fun book for children up to eight years.

    My opinion

    A fun and easy book about hairdressing. It can be read by boys and girls but more focused on girls. This begins with the pink color which is very much present in this book, and the title is also a hairdresser instead of hairdresser. In the beginning I found the book some pressure eyes but you get used quickly and easily you reach the last page out. Nice illustrations, not a lot of text, but anything a child would want to know is in there. We are told for example, that a hairdresser also in a nursing / retirement home to work, or at home, and not just in a hair salon and much more useful information. In children aged six you should probably explain what words like self-employed, salaried, and elegant make-up artists.