Book Review of Alex Ferguson

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Sir Alex Ferguson has been manager of Manchester United for 27 years. During this time he has brought the club to a level where it has become an international brand. Perhaps the biggest club in the world. He has achieved many successes at United, but also had the necessary collisions with own players and competitors. Alex Ferguson - my autobiography he tells how his career has experienced and gives his view on incidents that have occurred.

Early career

While most of the book is about his time as manager at Manchester United Ferguson also told about the beginning of his career. He told about the pubs he ran while he was manager of St Mirren. How did his life, unlike that of his friends, a private road. The group of friends that still has close ties. There are comical and compelling stories emerged about his time as a coach in Scotland. How it is sometimes called in and went to the challenges he came to be. This was the school for him, a school that would bring him many successes.
Even on those successes extensively Ferguson told in the book. The United became a top club and how he won prizes with the team. An example of this is the Champions League victory of 2008. How, after an exhausting match and nerve-racking punish shovel series Van der Sar finally stopped the winning penalty. But not only the successes come forward. Also disappointments and defeats. A defeat as in 2011. A Champions League final, but this time would be lost. The game was played at Wembley and Barcelona won the final. Ferguson told about that he had never played against such a good team. The respect he had for the team and why he felt that that team is the best team he ever played against.

Ronaldo, Beckham, Rooney and Van Nistelrooy

Ferguson dedicates the book also contains several chapters on specific players he has experienced in his career. These players have often had a turbulent relationship with the coach. Ronaldo Ferguson told about how the talks went prior to his transfer to Real Madrid. He also told how she discovered the talent, developed and eventually delivered the man who was Footballer of the Year.
Beckham told him about the respect he has for him to always get the maximum out of it, but also how difficult it sometimes was to work with him. Additionally reveals how Ferguson felt the choice of fame who took Beckham.
Van Nistelrooy Ferguson told how he witnessed the escalation in the relationship between Van Nistelrooy. What he thought of it, and what were its causes. A story that you'll love them, and more insight into the event at the time.
Also over the last eccentric pupil which has attracted Ferguson he has devoted a chapter. Wayne Rooney. About the comic negotiations with Everton, but also how Rooney stood his ground. How he sometimes became discredited by his actions off the field and how it was handled internally. A story about an extremely talented player in the selection of Ferguson.

Mourinho and Wenger

Not only adulterers are written the necessary chapters, also some special competitors. Include his longstanding competition with the coach of Arsenal, Arsene Wenger. Ferguson further told in the book how the fight with Jose Mourinho, who coached Chelsea, went through.
Arsène Wenger has seventeen years as coach of Arsenal was competing with Alex Ferguson. From the moment in 1996, Wenger was coach at Arsenal until the moment that Ferguson retired at Manchester United in 2013. The book tells the former United coach about various incidents between the two. Thus the well-known pizza incident is discussed and how that influenced the relationship between the two coaches. Then he is told how the relationship recovered again. The mutual respect is discussed and how the two could get along well outside the lines.
Mourinho Ferguson talks about how he rated him from the beginning. What he saw him during the first press conference and internal assessment of how to deal with him as coach of a competitive club. He also told about the deep mutual respect and how they each had qualities are high. Furthermore, Ferguson told how hard he had to beat Mourinho from the first game that the two were facing each other. One particular story about a coach who Ferguson had been high in the autumn of his career.

Background information

  • Author: Sir Alex Ferguson
  • Translation: Jolanda to Lindert, Hanneke and Major Erik de Vries
  • Title: Alex Ferguson - My Autobiography
  • Original Title: Alex Ferguson - My Autobiography
  • Publisher: Kosmos Uitgevers, Utrecht
  • Original publisher: Hodder & Stoughton Ltd, London
  • Original publication date: 2013
  • Year of publication in the Netherlands: 2014

Final Verdict

The book Alex Ferguson - my autobiography is a beautiful description of how Sir Alex Ferguson has career experience. A book that takes you from one event to another, without going from one thing to the branch. You really brought many years of success. The book not nagetrapt situations but describes Ferguson looked at some situations.