Borkum, the German island off the Dutch coast

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It is smaller than Schiermonnikoog, lacks the beautiful villages of Ameland and the rest of Vlieland, yet Borkum, the German island off the coast of Groningen, a visit more than worthwhile. Additionally Borkum for many residents of Northern and Eastern Netherlands without a doubt one of the most accessible Wadden Islands.
Catamaran Nordlicht towards the EemshavenAan the end of the highway N33 is the Eemshaven, where German shipping company AG Ems Borkum speed. The huge parking lot are not only Dutch car ?? s, but also a large number of German, because many Eastern neighbors is the route through the Eemshaven the quickest route to the mainland. Contrary to what the giant parking lot suggests, it is possible to bring your own car to the island. 50 minutes after departure puts the boat in the ferry port on the southeastern tip of Borkum, offering pedestrians a train leaves for the town of Borkum. For those traveling with children, only makes all the combination of sail and ride the train for a successful day.

The village

The train will drop you off in the center of the town of Borkum. This village is unmistakably German with relatively high-rises and the distinctive architectural style that you find in many German provincial towns. Nevertheless, there is a pleasant bustle in the main street and the streets leading towards the beach. As you might expect from our eastern neighbors, there is no shortage of dining options. The promenade on the west side of the village where the buildings partly still recalls the fashionable resort of Borkum, which has been in the 19th century.
The characteristic 'Strandzelte'


At the foot of the promenade is the largest beach, the Nordbad, a very deep sandy plain, which overlooks the Groninger sandbars and Rottumerplaat. It is Nordbad, along with the Südbad and the nude beach, one of the three guarded beaches on the island. Here are the colorful beach chairs that are so characteristic of the East Sea island and for a few euros per day to rent. You could stay here without problems all day, but for the more active guest island there are of course other possibilities. There are beach volleyball courts, you can surf, sailing, kiting and kite flyers come enjoy themselves. On the south side of the Nordbad is the Nordsee Kletterpark Borkum, where bathers without vertigo can develop their climbing talent.

A trip around the island

On the border of dunes and cultivated land for those who want to explore the island, there is a network of hiking and cycling trails, with a total length of 130 kilometers. Who's bicycle trails Schiermonnikoog or Ameland is accustomed must Borkum occasionally brisk steps, because the paths carry dune and dune off. Who does not bring your own bike, can come from anywhere in the village on a bicycle. Who on spec came to the island, could face during the high season with landlords who do not cycle anymore, but whose appeals to companies outside of the center, has a good chance to still on a bike. The cycling and hiking trails are well maintained and make the island easily accessible. If you have cycled around the island, it is possible to see the island also from a different side: are organized tours around the island by ship Wappen von Borkum.


Borkum is ideal for a day trip, but also for a longer stay, there are plenty of opportunities. As you would expect from a Frisian island there are plenty of hotels and cottages on site, campers can visit two camps. If you encounter bad weather during your stay on the German island, you can visit the tidal pool, the North Sea Aquarium in Südbad, heritage museum Dykhus or on the lightship Borkum Riff. In short, a short or long stay on the German island off the Dutch coast offers something for everyone!