Bowling Balls and what you'll need

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To exercise the sport of bowling well need your bowling material. In this article some tips and wetenswaardigheidjes.

The bowling sport

The sport of bowling has many sides. On the one hand, it is a technical sport and on the other hand also a concentration sport. An important part of the bowling sport is the choice of materials. For explanation of track conditions and so I refer you to my other article on the subject: Why are bowling so smooth?

Basic equipment in bowling

What you like to do now need for a material to exercise the sport of bowling and to make progress? The basic kit should consist of a few special bowling shoes, called strikebal and sparebal. Furthermore, should a towel, shoe covers, easy slide and a variety of adhesives are not lacking. For bowling seemed a lot abakadabra.

Bowling Balls

Let's start with the different bowling balls. Bowlers let their bowling balls custom drills in a bowling pro shop. Of these, there are several in the Netherlands. It is very important that a bowling ball fits properly. So you can not just throw his bowling ball with someone else. A ball must always be adjusted to your own hand. This is to prevent injuries.
Bowlers choose their bowling balls not because they have such a beautiful color, but the features that that particular ball. There are many different types of balls. A distinction can be made in the material of which the shell of the ball is made. There are, polyester balls, fir balls. These balls have the property that they had very little by pressing the pin causing so many nasty combinations of pins will remain. Most balls that stand in the ballenrek in a bowling lie his polyester balls. Polyester balls are also available in various colors and there are also so-called fun-balls with prints of cartoon characters. There are even transparent polyester balls which eg. A beer bottle or a rose sitting.
Urethane ball
A slightly better ball that has more action on the pins is the urethane ball. These balls are often used by novice bowlers and bowlers with great upheavals in their ball on the drier jobs.
Reactive balls
In recent years there have been many developments in the last group of bowling balls and bowling balls, reactive balls are then also become more sophisticated. The reactive balls are provided with a special shell that generates more or less grip. Moreover, these balls have a block inside that care that these balls have a lot of action on the pins and also so nice to go to the corner and thus have an ideal angle of income. Sex to score well with these balls you have to be a little more experienced bowler. This will be your by training, possibly with a bowling coach.

Two balls: strikebal and sparebal

In the case of a match bowler should therefore at least one strikebal and sparebal.
Furthermore, it is also nice to have our own bowling shoes so you do not pull the shoes off the rack of bowling house in need. Furthermore, you will notice smoother own shoe soles and thus slide better.
A number of small business may not be absent in the case of a match bowler: a small towel to clean the ball, a bag of easy slide to keep the soles of the bowling shoes slippery and a number of adhesives to Fit the thumb hole because your thumb simply is not always thick. To protect the soles of the shoes if you are not bowling in the bowling alley it runs is a set of shoe covers is essential.
For all of this you can contact the pro-shop. There you can also get advice on the purchase of materials.