Brains: Breathing exercises for relaxation

Health SGNODLOL August 7, 2016 0 0
Without breathing we can not live. But even as we breathe we must do well in order to really benefit from it. When we breathe well we can relax better. And when we relax, we are able to think better and use our best brains. In this article, some breathing exercises for relaxation.

Relax by powerful breathing methods

The best example of proper breathing, you can see a baby. This breathes deeply through the abdomen. The belly moves up and down. To breathe is important not to wear tight clothing in the same way. So we can get plenty of oxygen. For 30 to 40% of this oxygen is used to feed our brains.
How do you breathe better?
  • Breathe deeply from the belly.
  • Regularly: breathe in 4 sizes, 4 sizes include 4 and exhale sizes.
  • Breathe through your nose, so the air is filtered and warmed up.
  • Breathing flank so as to train the diaphragm. The lungs are optimally moved as the diaphragm. The ribs are brought out when inhaling; on exhalation, the ribs are placed inward.

Breathing Exercise 1

You're going to sit upright on a chair in the coaching position. Put your hands on your belly and breathe regularly and deeply: four sizes inhale, hold four sizes, exhale four sizes. Feel how relaxed. Repeat ten times.

Breathing Exercise 2

Stand with your feet slightly apart. Put your arms up and stand on your toes and exhale deeply through the nose. Now go slowly through your knees and exhale. Relax your body and go back upright. Repeat ten times.

Breathing Exercise 3

Sit on a chair. Breathe through your nostril and your other out. Then do exactly the opposite. Put always one nostril while inhaling, then let it loose nostril. Breathe regularly again: four sizes inhale, hold four sizes, exhale four sizes. You exchange still off your nostrils. After a while you start to feel more and more relaxed.

Breathing Exercise 4

Stand up and stretch you out. Breathe deep six times and keep your hands at your sides and push them out. Then bend your hands to your toes without bending your knees. Stay up to 10 seconds in this position and relax. Your brains get so extra blood.

Breathing Exercise 5

Imagine that you inhale white light. Do this with your eyes closed. The white light fills your lungs and every cell in your body. Take getting deep breath and feel relaxed. Breathe out any tension. This is, for example, a red color in your mind.

Breathing Exercise 6

This type of breathing comes from Buddhist monks. They think while breathing ?? I breathe now ?? and when you exhale, I breathe out ??. ?? They practice this hour, and so to say to be able to recover from diseases. This exercise you can do it best just before you go to sleep.