Breast Cancer: The Women More Elderly Die For Ignorance

Health silveraaron August 8, 2016 0 0

There are those who submit to regular mammograms, ultrasounds and medical examinations; those, however, prefer to control sporadic and who, like many women, are totally unaware of the evil that is devouring.
Women of a certain age die, often because of ignorance of breast cancer.
And 'the "judgment" issued by a quest for Public Health England.

One out of three patients suffering from breast cancer is 70 years old or more and not yet subjected to screening for cancer.
About 13,500 women 70 years or more are diagnosed with cancer each year, and their survival rate, compared to the younger ones, is lower.

The survival rate of older women in England is even lower than in other countries such as Sweden and this suggests that thousands of deaths could be avoided and prevented.

For this, the National Health England invites women aged between 50 and 70 years to undergo screening mammography every three years, and the older women to request a visit.

The screening program ordinary, they know the experts, will be extended to the age of 73 by 2016.


Among the most important risk factors that predispose to breast cancer include: age; familiarity with the disease; External factors, such as excessive use of estrogen.


Among the measures to prevent evil, there are ultrasound, mammography, self-examination and a visit once a year.

Nutrition plays an important role in the prevention of evil. Are to be preferred, in fact, foods such as cruciferous vegetables, tomatoes, fish, vegetables and fiber, in addition to proper and regular physical activity.