Breastfeeding promotes better digestion at diversification

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Breastfeeding promotes better digestion at diversification

70% of newborns are breastfed at birth, 39% are still three months and 25% at six months. Breastfeeding promotes then better digestion when food diversification.

A study, published in the journal Frontiers in Cellular Microbiology and Infection, shows the interest of breastfeeding on the intestinal flora of the infant and its future digestion, solid foods.

A plant that has more good bacteria

The babies in the study were followed from the age of two weeks to fourteen months. They were divided into several groups: those who were exclusively breastfed and those who were fed both within and infant milk.

The intestinal flora of these infants is different according to their feeding mode. Those exclusively breastfed have a richer microbiota in bifidobacterium.

Better digestion

When food diversification and the introduction of solid foods: vegetable purees, fruit sauces, chopped meat or fish ... it turns out that babies who received exclusive breastfeeding digest better those who received formula milk. They are more likely to suffer from colic, upset stomach.

This is explained by the fact that the Bifidobacterium bacteria are probiotics that promote good intestinal balance, reduce the proliferation of harmful bacteria and promote better digestion.

WHO is therefore right to recommend breastfeeding!

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