Breastfeeding with bottle

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It is well known that breastfeeding is the best nutrition for babies. However, many mothers stop within a few weeks of breastfeeding. Unfortunately stops information about breastfeeding in general at the establishment and if that fails, but on the bottle. And while it can be different.

In good spirits started ...

After the birth of my oldest son I wanted to breastfeed. In good spirits I tried to explain to the nurse along with him. It was a great drama. The first two days he was sick from birth and did not drink at all. Then I got thrust, which made the already difficult and besides, he could not seem to catch well. With all kinds of tricks we tried it a few more days, but both my son and I went there to see more and more reluctant. I felt pretty failed as a mother. Especially when the midwife came and said that I could better quit. But big kiss for the nurse, because she then suggested that I should go flasks.

Flasks, but how and with what?

At first I was not at the flasks; it was not what I had in my head when breastfeeding. My husband rented an electric pump; what a misery. The thing made noise and it took so long for a bottle was full. Again the nurse saved the situation: she suggested that I should try a hand pump, the well-known brand starting with A. What an invention! That was really great. There was more than enough milk and in this way I have my son for six months to breastfeed, bottle.

The reaction of professionals.

Meanwhile I became a mother of a son. He grabbed the breast well and I gave him during almost the entire week stall that way breastfeeding. With the trim and though the setting in the dark at night it went wrong: everything broke. Thereby feeding was very painful. In the hospital I was told that breast feeding is 'too cozy'. Here was coziest beaches with nothing to do, so I decided again to pass on flasks. To my amazement I got it from all sides negative responses. "You would not try again to the breast?" and "You're far too much time with it." I always heard. Why is hammered like that? They would have to be positive about the fact that my son is still breastfeeding and I'm not switched to formula. Pity and not exactly an incentive to keep going.

My own humble opinion.

I myself have noticed that both my sons grow well on breastfeeding and are in good health. This has always proven to me that I made the right decision to nourish tackle. I would like to therefore make a call:
  • To expectant mothers who want to breastfeed:
Do not give up too soon and please know that there is another alternative. It is true that it takes some extra time and some perseverance, but that does not compensate for what your child get in return. It really does not succeed, no point, but you can at least say that you have tried everything to give your child the best possible nutrition.
  • All professional advice givers on breastfeeding:
Please do not be so negative about breastfeeding with bottle. There is nothing wrong with that and it is a choice that should be respected. And please modify the information on breastfeeding, so expectant mothers know that there really is an alternative to nursing at the breast and bottle feeding. For why is nursing at the breast and stimulate lactation slated with the bottle? A little support would be nice.
With greetings of a go, kolvende mother!