Breeds: American Toy Terrier

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This terrier comes from the United States and is a cross between the fox terrier and English dwarf terrier. In appearance, this dog resembles the Jack Russell. This easy dog ​​is very lively, full of energy and loves to travel. It's a suitable family dog ​​and he is good with other dogs and children.


American Toy Terrier is in the thirties of the last century developed in the United States. It is actually a cross between the fox terriers and English dwarf terrier. The small Smooth Fox Terrier cross with several toy breeds, including Pinchers, Italian greyhounds, Chihuahuas and Manchester Terriers. During the breeding process are further refined the characteristics of the Smooth Fox Terrier, making the race has narrowed. He was used to hunt rats.


This breed resembles the famous Jack Russell. The shoulder height is approximately 25 centimeters, in which females often be slightly smaller than dogs. They come in different colors, often white with black. But also the color white with brown possible. The weight is between two and three kilograms. The tail is short and is often carried upwards. His eyes are large and dark. The skull is round with a small narrow snout. The ears are large and v-shaped.


This dog may be physically small, but they think they are large in stature. It is a big dog in a small package. It is a warm, passionate and intelligent dog. They are sensitive, loyal and inquisitive. This athletic dog loves to chase and fast. This fiery and balanced dog is hard to intimidate, which is a hallmark for terriers. He has a managerial position which makes it a brave dog. He has a friendly personality and is good with other dogs and is kind to children. This makes the American Toy Terrier very suitable as a companion dog. He likes to be with people.


The fur of these dogs is smooth and does not much care. If it occasionally brushed or combed, it is sufficient. Daily brushing is not necessary because the dog has a short dense coat. The coat haart also too little. Moreover, the nails must be kept short and the dog must be washed if it is necessary.


These dogs are full of energy and they love to run and to be busy. He needs plenty of daily movement and therefore he would like an active owner. He loves ball games and he is happy all day outside. Therefore he will have a big garden appreciate enormously. Given its small size, he can well be kept indoors, but if it can lose its energy.


It is a fairly healthy breed. Still, there are some dogs that are prone to getting Legg Perthes and knee joints. Legg Perthes is a condition where the femoral head dies. These are typical problems Toy. And this breed often allergic to beet pulp.

Other information

The American Toy Terrier is also called Toy Fox Terrier and Toy Amer mentioned. The average life expectancy is between 13 and 14 years. If you like this friendly little dog as a companion, it is advisable to delve properly into the race. A breeder or breed association will give you lots of information.