Bridal Makeup application

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At your wedding you want to look beautiful, this is your moment to shine. A makeup that is appropriate for the occasion and which you feel easily is a necessity. Read all about it in this article.

How a bride's makeup should look like?

There is of course no limit to, how you as a bride should look like. Everyone can decide this for themselves, there are some guidelines that most brides adhere to.
Bridal Makeup is generally quiet and natural. The makeup is often kept quiet so that no one part of your appearance stands out. It is intended that forms a single whole with the dress. Because most wedding dresses white or another light color, the make-up will also calm pastel or natural colors.


The base is very important, your skin will look quietly. Start by cleaning your face, hereafter you going to cover blemishes, apply foundation and fixing. The fix is ​​at a bridal makeup even more important than usual because the whole day should sit securely without having to always work at it. For an explanation of applying a good base, see below this article.


The eye makeup is the most important on this day, your eyes must shine but do not stand out too much. First, apply a good primer before you really going to format. Primer ensures that the makeup stays longer sit and watch the colors of the eyeshadows well come forward. Eye shadow should be soft in color, think of pink, pastel tones and other colors naturelle.
Use a second color in the crease, the line in your eye, it may be a little darker but can not stand it, black is evil.
Use an eyebrow pencil to finish it. A thin line of eyelash edge that you need to make some softer by blending something or to go with a cotton swab over it. At the bottom of your eye you bring a little bit of eyeliner. From the outside up to a centimeter inside. Your eyes will look bigger and you get the kind of cat eye effect that every woman wants. Finally, bring you another layer of mascara.


Normally you bring all to blush at the base, but on your wedding day is so important that it is given a separate piece.
The blush should be natural, he must accentuate your cheeks, not to stand out. A blush is also easy to wipe away. The best you can therefore choose a silicone-based liquid blush that stays and that you can make nice. Choose a color similar to your skin tone, the color pink at most two shades darker than your skin tone.


Also, your lips can not stand it when you make a bridal makeup. It is important again that you are applying a primer under lipstick or lip gloss. The lip color goes quickest from and you through the day still have to update a few times. Make sure the lips only one or two shades darker than your lip color. A lip gloss can best long as you do to ensure that it does not contain too much shimmers or other shiny products.


Make sure the makeup is waterproof. Ideally you also use silicone-based makeup. This is not so good for the skin but stays the whole day sitting pretty.
When you almost never wear makeup, do not go to work themselves with the makeup for your wedding. Find someone who has enough sense and can make you beautiful on. It is not the intention that you will get there later regret.