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Why is it that one need only to look at a gym and all his muscle mass increases? Another month on the weight pulls and comes not a gram of muscle mass and in the third, despite all the sweat in the gym the kilos just do not want to get rid? So it is with food, one can eat whatever he wants and remains as slim as a den while another already arrives if he / she thinks about food. Much has to do with the body type with which one is born. But we can change that here? What training methods best suit the body type and what role diet plays in this?


  •  Different types of body
  • Hypertrophy or: No pain, No gain
  • Training and nutrition per physique
  • Variety and rest

 Different types of body

Most men and women go to the gym to improve your fitness, but often also to get a more muscular or toned body. Or easy to achieve the set goals are depends to a large extent on the body type that you hit the gym. In general, one distinguishes three different body types. These are the specific characteristics:
  • Ectomorph: Long and lean, low-fat and high-speed digestion.
  • Mesomorphic: normal muscular build, easy muscle growth but is also easy in fat.
  • Endomorphic: solid construction with high fat and slow digestion.
Some people have exactly describe a body type as the three body types but often also sits in between two body types.
An ectomorph body type is characterized by its low fat and ectomorfs can eat whatever they want without becoming thick. The downside for muscle building is also fast metabolism. Want an ectomorph grow more muscle than he / she will need a lot of extra calories to assume.
A mesomorphic physique is characterized by a naturally athletic build with a big bone structure and large muscles. A mesomorphic body can easily arrive weight but also easily burn fat. The naturally large muscles grow rapidly with strength training. Because mesomorfs also easily get fat, but they can lose it again quickly, is a combination of strength training and cardio is best for this body type.
A endomorphic body is characterized by a rounded structure and a high fat percentage. It is for people with this body type difficult to lose weight. They do have a lot of muscle mass but will be paying close attention to their diets. In terms of training will endomorfs should focus more on cardio and strength training in second place.

Hypertrophy or: No pain, No gain

Hypertrophy is a response of muscle tissue in bodybuilding. The bottom line is that the muscle grows by damaging them. By muscle damage during training causes the body as a reaction to this, that the damage will be repaired so that the muscle becomes stronger and bigger and the next time the load it can handle. This ability to repair the muscles occurs during a period of rest, so it is important not every day to train the same muscle group.

Training and nutrition per physique

As the body types are quite different, each body type for building muscle requires a different training and nutrition program. As an ectomorph will achieve little to no muscle building if he / she is doing mostly cardio. The reverse of the endomorphic applies if he / she only does the muscle strength will be increased but due to the large amount of natural fat will hardly be visible. The mesomorphic has for that matter the easiest muscle building and fat burning is fast too. Yet it is possible to look muscular and taut with every kind of body type as long as one keeps a few basic principles in mind.
Nutrition and training for the ectomorph
This body type has its advantages and disadvantages. The downside is an ectomorph body type, muscle building is very difficult. The advantage is, that there also takes place little greasy build. Would you like ectomorph muscle building then one will have very much food, much more than 2500 calories per day which is the nutrition advice. For an ectomorph muscle building will soon have to sit above the 3000 calories. The power supply will mainly be composed of complex carbohydrates, protein and polyunsaturated fats. Here again I repeat, multiple eating occasions on one day instead of the traditional three meals.
A training program will mainly consist of strength training and then as heavy as possible. Sets of six to ten reps and take enough rest between sets. Three to train four times a week is sufficient, preferably every day so that the muscles can recover well. Train as many muscle groups all at once, so no isolation exercises. An ectomorph is not much use except as cardio fitness is more important than muscle building. An ectomorph is naturally low in fat and will be energy cardio whatsoever out of the muscles.
Nutrition and training for the mesomorphic
A mesomorphic body type is actually the best endowed in terms muscle building. This body type is naturally muscular, athletic, big bone structure, easily builds muscle and burns fat too easy. However, it is important to maintain a healthy diet because besides easily burn fat, it is also installed easily.
In terms of training has a mesomorphic enough to a combination of cardio, fat burning, interspersed with strength training for muscle building. In general, the muscles of a mesomorphic recover more quickly than the muscles of the other body types. This allows mesomorfs train almost every day. Due to the rapid muscle recovery of the mesomorphic he / she can then also very heavy exercise.
Nutrition and training for the endomorphic
To stimulate sluggish metabolism is the case endomorphic to distribute meals throughout the day. Better six mediocre meal times per day over three voluminous meals. It is important to look at the fat and carbohydrate intake. It is also wise to avoid sugar as much as possible. Certainly the hidden sugars in soft drinks and juices are disastrous, preferably drink plenty of water. A strict diet of mostly healthy foods is necessary to achieve rapid results.
Because the endomorphic muscle mass is hidden under the layer of fat present is the case this fat layer by reducing cardio exercises. Daily training gives the best result. Begin each training instance with a cardio exercise for half an hour and work it slowly forward to forty five minutes to an hour. Strength training is also important, and here it is best to keep a diagram of a lot of reps with lighter weights. Namely more muscles also burn more calories even while resting metabolism.

Variety and rest

As for muscle building applies to all body types: Vary exercises or throw it in terms of regular training every two months completely. The body turns pretty quickly if one continues the same order at every workout. Occasionally some other exercises or any other sequence it also train yourself to hold more enjoyable and therefore easier to keep full.
Take adequate rest between workouts because only during the rest period the muscles grow.