Burgernet: citizens provide detection suspects

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Burgernet is a national project involving the police citizens who have first notified by phone lets you know that there is something in their neighborhood occurred and the perpetrator thereof has not yet been caught. The ultimate goal of Burgernet is to pick the person who has done something that can not tolerate daylight. Citizens must take care of that. By being alert, or even look for someone whose description is passed to Burgernet.

Burgernet in Friesland very successful

A trial in Friesland has shown that there has been very successful in any case. There are not only criminals arrested them, too many people want to help as showed. In Friesland, the project started on November 1, 2008 in the cities of Leeuwarden and Dantumadiel. In Leeuwarden 4000 people have already signed up and in the much smaller Dantumadiel 700. In both municipalities Burgernet was used 37 times. In Leeuwarden was 34 times in Dantumadiel three times. In eight cases, the suspect was arrested by civilians tracked down the person in question.

Burgernet organized from the control room of the police

Burgernet is organized from the control room of the police. People who have applied to be warned for the project is being sought in their environment to someone who has something to answer for. They are called by the Communication and asked to look out for the person in question. Then also is thus provided a description of the suspect. This of course only if there is actually a crime. Now, people who have applied for Burgernet still called, but in the long term, the aim is that they receive a SMS.

Founder Jan Kees Baardwijk

Burgernet has actually been established in 1993. Jan Kees van Baardwijk, an agent in Ridderkerk found it strange when a burglar red-handed only police officers were deployed, and not for instance undertook a whole neighborhood action. To do something together was the rationale of Burgernet. First they studied, but a trial was held in 2004 in Nieuwegein. That so many people were willing to participate and show their commitment to subsequently include Leeuwarden and Dantumadeel were also pilot municipalities. In Friesland now do 4,700 people, and continues to report people for the project. It appears, however, that after a campaign in which a person was arrested more people will see the importance of Burgernet and they go sign.

People are generally more alert

It also appears that when people have also given up to be more alert in other areas. They inform themselves previously viewed daylight may not many or call the police if they think that something might not be quite right.

Burgernet in 2010 in Friesland province wide

In 2010 Burgernet over turned over Friesland. In total 80 per cent of the province must be connected and the remaining 20 percent will follow in 2011. Burgernet is committed to increase its notoriety. There is a special page on Hyves and are shown on you tube videos.

Success Stories Burgernet Friesland 2009:

  • On March 18, 2008 in Leeuwarden was robbed a man on the street. People who applied for Burgernet were approached and a man was detained by their commitment.
  • On February 5, 2009 a jeweler was robbed in Leeuwarden. A call via Burgernet yielded three arrests on.