Bus to Copenhagen, Denmark / Cheap bus

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You can spot cheap by bus to Copenhagen, Denmark. Granted, it's not as comfortable as the bus and train, but there are other advantages. So you do not have to switch, you can leave from various Dutch cities and you'll arrive in the heart of Copenhagen. And that from 43 euros for a return ticket. Here you can read how the bus goes and what the possibilities are. Before you know it you also come with the cheap bus in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Cheap by bus to Copenhagen, Denmark

Cheap by bus to Copenhagen for just 43 euros for a return. This only applies if you book early. When you book at least four weeks in advance, you are guaranteed to have a dirt-cheap bus ticket to Copenhagen. You can book on eurolines.nl. Also make sure you book an immediate return, because if you have to book the bus from Denmark, it is not cheap.

Copenhagen as a destination for city

Copenhagen is a beautiful, modern metropolis. With 1.7 million inhabitants, of which 600,000 Danes live centrally, it is one of Europe's largest cities. It has everything that can provide capital and more. From fun museums to beautiful architecture. It is a very trendy and fashionable city, which is also reflected in the street scene. It is also the most environmentally friendly city in Europe. In addition, it is really a Scandinavian city, but conveniently close to.

Why not by plane to Copenhagen?

Of course, Copenhagen is also very easily accessible by plane. However, it does not have Ryan Air, but Ryan AIr division is well into the planning for the next two years. You can fly already quite cheap with Norwegian Airlines from Amsterdam for a good 80 euros return. It is important that you are flexible in your travel times. So the weekends can as quickly be slightly more expensive. If you live in Amsterdam this is a good option, but if you live outside of Amsterdam, walk quickly to extra hurdles. To start, you need the car at a significant price or should you allow public transport to Schiphol. Next, you have blown suitcases to check in and then waiting until you can leave. Once in Copenhagen you from Kastrup Airport also twenty minute metro ride before you're in the center of Copenhagen. Ultimately, you're all in all a good 7/8 hour journey, along with quite a lot of stress and planning. Now let's see how it is to go cheap with the bus to Copenhagen.

Why not with the Train to Copenhagen?

I can be very brief. It might be more comfortable and romantic, but it's certainly not cheap. In addition, the trip from Amsterdam to Copenhagen takes not much shorter. You walk back to the problem that you first need to go to Amsterdam. Unless you love train travel, cheap bus to Denmark is the better alternative.

The bus trip to Copenhagen: the experience

The buses depart in the afternoon or late at night, from multiple locations in the Netherlands. They usually leave from the main station in the city concerned. From Groningen, the trip takes about an hour and 10.5 from Rotterdam is about 15 hours. If you are a good sleeper, you can close your eyes and at departure the next morning wake up at arrival in Copenhagen. You can pretty much take your luggage with you without having to worry about the number of liquids. Now you can take quiet place and you do not have to worry about you where you need to change. Although you do not have to move, you have to be very even 40 minutes out when the bus on the ferry in Denmark crosses the water. Eventually you'll arrive at the main station of Copenhagen.

From these stations you can cheaply by bus to Copenhagen

  • Groningen
  • Amsterdam
  • Rotterdam
  • Utrecht
  • Eindhoven
  • the Hague