Buy fresh fish

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The fresher the fish is purchased, the better it will taste after cooking and the healthier it will be for you. But fish is a very fragile product that spoils quickly. It is therefore important in order to purchase fish as fresh as possible. Fresh fish recognize is really not that difficult. In this article we give you advice on how to recognize fresh fish and how fish can keep the best.

Opt for a whole fish

A whole fish is easily recognizable as being fresh or not fresh or filet. Another advantage is that a whole fish is cheaper but against him, or that you'll have to clean it yourself. Do not want to ask this rather than the fishmonger to do it for you. A good fishmonger, the fish you have selected like cleaning for you.

Notice the smell

Fresh fish often has a salty and fresh scent and smells only slightly to fish, this fragrance is also described by some people as a light sea smell ?? ??. Please be aware that a very strong fishy smell definitely does not belong to fresh fish! This air is in fact merely the result of a long-term antibacterial activity, thus, fish with such an unpleasant odor will not be very much more fresh.

Look at the appearance

A fresh fish looks shiny and moist and has a slightly sticky surface. The slime layer on the scales should be intact and the fish hears firm and springy to the touch.
What the eyes see out there?
The eyes should be bright, black, globe and are shiny and hear never dull, to be gray or cloudy.
The gills should have a bright red to pink color and should be moist, not sticky or discolored. Checking the gills is one of the easiest and most effective way in order to determine the freshness of the fish.
The scales of the fish belong firmly stuck to the fish or they must be completely removed.
Cleaned fish
A fresh fish that has already been stripped of the intestines has to have a light colored belly cavity. Any blood stains should be bright red and the flesh should be firmly attached to the bone.
Steaks and fillets
Fresh steaks and fillets should shine and make a full impression. If there are brown edges appearing this indicates dehydration, oxidation of oils and undesirable flavors. As part of a whole fish steaks or fillets to have a strong fishy smell. Precut or not, fish should smell like fresh ocean air and at most very slightly fishy.

Oysters and mussels

The shell of oysters and mussels must be closed. When mussels have to be alert so-called mud mussels, which are identified by a matte shell and they are slightly heavier. Swallow Mussels are animals who have been buried in the sand or mud and suffocated. They can mess up a whole meal. To avoid this, we advise you to slide the mussel shells equally over each other during washing. In a fresh mussel will close the shell steadfast but swallow a mussel shells let loose.


Shrimp are typically sold cooked as uncooked shrimp spoil very quickly. If the tails of the shrimp are crooked then it is a sign that the animals are cooked immediately after capture.

Transportation, cleaning and storing

Always buy fresh fish just before you go home and make sure the fish is properly cool during the journey home. It is recomended to us using an insulated cooler bag. In warm weather, it is convenient to stop at home already some frozen ice packs in the cooler bag, so you keep your nice fish cold. Simple cool bags are often for sale at your supermarket near the freezer, these coolers have the appearance of an ordinary plastic bag, although they are inexpensive but have a short life span when used regularly. If you prefer to sustainability please buy a better quality cooler bag in which you can transport the fish comfortably. These coolers are virtually for sale in each store and its design more convenient than the cooler bag from the supermarket. Of course a cooler also a good option. The choice is yours.
If you purchased a whole fish make the fish then come home clean immediately. Carefully remove any giblets and rinse the fish under cold running water. Then pat dry with paper towels. If the Rinse the fish under cold running water difficult for you please let us do by someone else. Under no circumstances lukewarm water because it is the sustainability of fish will greatly reduce spoilage and works in hand.
Store the fish in the lower part of the refrigerator, wrapped in aluminum foil in a temperature not higher than four degrees. Use the fish within three days.