Buy Physical Gold: The gold strip is the future?

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Since the 2008 crisis, many investors flee in precious metals like gold and silver. The growing popularity of gold, the gold price has risen steadily and there are all kinds of new gold products developed. One is the Combibar of the Swiss company Valcambi: a kind of bar or strip with pieces of gold or silver in 1 gram that can break off. What is this golden strip and exactly this is the currency of the future?

Can we pay in the future, with gold or silver?

Shortly after the 2008 crisis was mainly doomsayers who were talking about the failure of the economic system. But by Fester of debt problems in the US and Europe found that idea gradually entrance to a wider audience. It was therefore more in search of safe havens for uncertain times and alternatives to paper money. It seems that the government will continue to support the major currencies as payment, but maybe it's still paying goods with gold or silver is not as far away as it seems.

More and more initiatives to selling gold as currency

The debt crisis in Europe and the problems with the national debt of the US government, its central bank will print more and more money. Which resulted in lower value of paper money and there is a continuous inflation. More and more people have come to realize that real physical products such as gold and silver also be payment. Through the internet have emerged more and more initiatives to sell gold products that can serve as currency.

New form of physical gold: the gold strip or Combibar

One such new gold products was developed by the Swiss firm Valcambi gold. The company launched the so-called Combibar: it is a kind of bar or strip where all small pieces of gold or silver of 1 gram are integrated. These pieces of 1 g can be easily decrease if you would like to pay with gold or silver. The Combibar has the size of a credit card and is thus easy to carry.

The Combibar: very popular in Germany

The richest country in the European Union, known as Germany. Germany is committed to help preserve the euro and to remain, yet still keep some already aware that it can backfire. Therefore it is no coincidence that especially in Germany for many investors bought gold this way. In Austria and Switzerland, the country where the producer of this "gold bars" is established, the Combibar becoming more popular.

Where can you buy the gold Combibar?

Who wants to invest in these handy strips, can choose all precious metals: gold, silver, platinum, or palladium. You can order the strips on the site, after which they are delivered to your home. You also can choose to comics by Valcambi itself to safely store. For more info you can visit the website of Valcambi: