Buying a car from start to finish

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When purchasing and overwriting a used car get to see some things that are useful to arrange in advance or to realize. This article fielding a sale chronological dealt with the matters that must be regulated.

Search car

The first question that comes to buying a used car, whether it should be purchased from a company or an individual. Although some companies guarantee on the occasions they provide, a garage is not necessarily reliable. Why is there to say that most car garage's charge more for a car than they cost to a private individual. To facilitate the search for a used car, there are many Internet sites that offer these cars. So stand on marketplace to buy lots of cars, just like on investigators and auto trader. These sites also offer all the convenient search function, making the search a car in the neighborhood is made easy. There is no charge for searching a car attached to it.

Retracing type car

Once a suitable car has been found, it is useful to examine to what extent has this type of model suffer from specific ailments, and the reliability of the model. This question is to find the answer on the Internet: On the site of car week are under the headline MyReview lots of different models discussed by the owners themselves. Because several of these reviews to read, it quickly becomes clear how reliable the relevant model is and how economical the car example in practice. In addition, there are often things out that are useful to recognize when viewing the car: for example, specific rust from that model.

View and approve

As well as the data of the type have been found and these give no reason for concern, the car can actually be seen. This it is convenient to take along someone who knows more about cars, such as a mechanic; but looking at the car itself, or made against payment by the ANWB. Namely the ANWB has listed a number of garages in the country who can perform a purchase inspection, so you are sure that you do not buy a pig in a poke. Should make be selected to assess the car itself, it is wise to pay close attention to rust, larger oil spills, signs of ancient accidents; such as differences in color, etc., pulling to one side of the car during the test drive and the overall functionality of the car during the test drive.


Should there be proceeded to the purchase of the car, after the requisite haggling comes overwriting and insuring the car covered. Overwriting is done by taking the whole registration certificate to a post office or Bruna. Here, the person would have to be physically present car needs, including his passport. The person whose car does not have to be physically present when overwriting, it is merely the person who buys the car. Overwriting is done quickly and cost about 10 euros.


After the car has been written there is one thing that must be settled before there can be driven: The cars must be insured. For this there are a number of opportunities; it can by telephone, or between a 1st and a 2nd viewing, for example. The first possibility is it useful to the Internet to look up a number for an insurance company, so you can call when you want to take out this insurance. Usually this is done by telephone within fifteen minutes: You are hereby required only the registration number and the report code. It is important to advance as well to look at the site of the insurer whether it is possible to telephone to ensure the car; Some companies provide this service still does not, although most have already made this possible.
Another possibility is to temporarily insure the car before you pick up the car. This can be on the Internet, either by filling out a form on the site of an insurance company: You have here again the registration and reporting code required. Although insurance in most cases commences immediately, it may be that comes over here one day; so make sure you have read the conditions well.

Road Tax

As soon as the insurance policy and overwriting of the car is arranged, the car is ready to be used. The road tax is automatically deducted from your account, it is processed immediately by overwriting the car. It is possible to calculate after all for buying the car which the road tax will be; this is possible through various sites on the Internet, and there is only the weight and the fuel is required of the motor. Through a search engine "calculate road tax" in typing, there will be enough calculation sites forward.