Buying an air purifier

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In the air in the house are a lot of contaminants such as dust, bacteria, smoke, odors and pollen. In order to reduce this and to improve the indoor climate, may be used an air purifier in addition to ensuring a good ventilation. Here you can read more about the properties of air purifiers and gives you tips on buying an air purifier.

The usefulness of an air purifier

As already mentioned, are located in the air inside a lot of impurities, often even more than in the open air. An air purifier can pick up dust and smoke from the air and even viruses and bacteria floating around defuse. In addition, odors can be removed and various particles suspended as pet hair are collected. Also, an air cleaner can ensure that the CO2 content remains in a space at the right level.

Types of air purifiers

Air cleaners can be divided into types on the basis of the way in which they work. There are air cleaners that operate with filters, by ionization and with UV-light.

An air cleaner with filters

Air cleaners can be of one or more filters are provided, which clean the air which is drawn in through the air cleaner. The air is blown out after it has been cleaned by the filter. Some air cleaners feature replaceable filters, another permanent filters that need to be cleaned periodically. Moreover, there are different types of filters which can be used in an air cleaner, such as filters that collect the larger polluting parts from air, carbon filters which bind to a variety of substances and this out thereby removing the air and HEPA filters that even the smallest particles from the air can absorb. HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air.

Air purification using ionisation

Nowadays air cleaners that operate based on ionization very popular. The effect is based on the principle that generates such an air purifier negatively and positively charged ions, which in the space where the air purifier is distributed. Through a chemical reaction, the negative ions harmless the harmful substances. Incidentally, several times in scientific research have shown that the ionization method actually works.

An air purifier with a UV filter

In such an air cleaner, there is a UV-filter and the ultraviolet light ensures that bacteria die. Incidentally, such an air cleaner is not in a position to capture dust. This kind of air purifiers incidentally comes but rarely.

Brands and prices of air purifiers

There are various brands of air purifiers available, such as Honeywell, DeLonghi, Bionaire and Sharp. Prices range from a few tens to about 600 euros. A more expensive air cleaner generally has a larger capacity, normally has a number of possibilities and is qualitatively better.

What to look for when buying an air purifier

When you buy an air purifier for a particular area, then you should pay attention to the following aspects:
  • What is the capacity of the air cleaner, in other words how many cubic meters per hour may to this air purifier.
  • What kind of filter or filters is used. A combination of carbon HEPA filter often gives extra good results.
  • Its permanent filters that you can clean easily or are replaceable filters and what cost this individual filters.
  • Does the air purifier also an ionizer because it has added value.
  • Like the design of the air cleaner important? Air cleaners as it is made in different designs, and there is always one in which is pretty unremarkable or just have a design that can be seen.