Buying used cars

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Buy a new car is for many people an excessive expense. A second hand car is a cheaper alternative who risk ?? s entails. Purchasing a new car will cost you approximately between 10 000 ?? and ?? 35,000. The size of the amount is highly dependent on your needs and requirements. Not everyone has the possibility to finance this get around. There are also many people who could afford it, but not many thousands of euros ?? s extra to spend on a new car. A car is a major expense and the value of the object is rapidly declining. New car ?? s especially the first few years a very high depreciation, see "Depreciation on cars." On a new car from a few years you write soon fifty percent.

Second purchase from private dealer

Second, you can significantly save money, but you must know where you buy it. The cheapest car ?? s you buy from dealers and private individuals. Prove afterwards still to be defective then this dealer or private person to account. This will probably not respond and fix problems for you. Do you think they are culpable then the road to the right open. But this happens to you a lot of money and energy costs, and often it has proved impossible to obtain monetary compensation.

Used buy from a company BOVAG

When BOVAG business will pay more for the same second-hand car, but the guarantee is generally better. When buying a used you get a BOVAG Warranty card. The purchase amount must however be at least ?? 4500, or 35% of the original list price. This evidence gives a right to six month guarantee for hidden defects.

Used car buying a car auction

Many former lease ?? s are sold through a car auction. Through these auctions you can buy from a few years a decent car cheaply. It often involves car ?? s established brands, which are well in recent years maintained. Usually there are a lot of mileage. In addition, there may not always careful in driving. Many lease drivers jump does not really economical to drive the boss.


From the ANWB you can leave the car payment approval prior to the sale. From this survey shows the current state of the car. People often think that this is not necessary because the car APK has been tested, but an ANWB inspection goes beyond the MOT. Members of the ANWB can call on legal disputes concerning the purchase of a car at the legal department of the ANWB for advice.