Calorie consumption sport

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That exercise calorie consumption increases considerably, is well known. But how many calories you burn actually a sport? In this article, a table that maps the calorie consumption per sport per hour. This is based on a weight of 60 kg.

Sport and lose weight

Sports and losing weight often go hand in hand. Losing weight is also a frequently chosen reason to exercise. It is also true that it is convenient for a healthy weight to know how much you burn during sports activities, so you can adjust your diet this to stay in balance.
The result of exercise is not always immediately visible on the scale. You break down fat, but however, builds muscle mass. This ensures higher verbranding.Als your weight stays the same or even increases, you can still lose weight in fat. A good measure is the belt.

Factors calorie consumption

The table above is a guideline only. To measure the precise calorie consumption, there are various devices for sale, such as a watch which measures the heart rate. The calorie burning differs per person.
Naasst body weight, there are other factors affect the amount of calories that are burned while practicing a sport. These factors include:
  • age: Older people burn less than young due to the reduced amount of muscle mass
  • body composition; The more muscle, the more burning
  • Gender: Men have a higher metabolism than women because they have more muscle mass. They also often have a higher weight.
  • Basal metabolism: Some people are simply blessed with a faster metabolism
  • the intensity of the sport

Sports high calorie consumption

Intensive sports like Boddy Attack, running and jumping rope, are great if you want to lose weight. With wall borrow golf you burn fewer calories.
Prolonged exercise increases fat burning. Sports such as cycling and hiking here lend themselves excellently for.