Can stress make you fat?

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Can stress make you fat?

In times of stress, you tend to throw you in the pantry. Cakes, chocolate, cheese: everything goes. Follow our tips to evacuate your tensions before they turn into kilograms.

"When you are stressed, the level of sugar in the blood increases," says Claude Simon, dietician in Paris. Anxiety encourages the body to release reserves of sugar and provides immediate energy to deal with the emergency.

If this phenomenon is repeated too often, you will gain weight: When blood sugar remains high, most of the sugar eventually turns into fat.

When the stress hormone, cortisol, becomes too high, it increases the storage of fat in the stomach. Adipocytes located at this place have more receptors for cortisol that cells found in surface levels of the body.

When stress mingles with eating ...

The stress-related frustration can lead you to develop various disorders. Though some people bite their nails, the majority of them turn to addictions such as coffee, tobacco, alcohol or food.

"When you eat certain foods, you mentally press an" off "button and you disconnect from reality. Food becomes a decompression chamber between personal life and professional life. You do not eat according to your needs as hunger is not present. Under stress, the food is no longer the role of food, but anti-stress. If you eat without need and without reaching satiety, weight gain is effective, "says Florence Pujol, dietician in Paris.

3 food tranquilizers for stress

  • Foods with soft texture, soft palate, are the effect of an oral sedative.
  • The gestures, the fact of taking a food and bring it to your mouth continually can calm your anxiety. You prefer small foods because they save wasted time.
  • Stomach fullness, the fact of filling, satisfaction immédiate.Si provides this type of eating behavior is casual, there will be no direct impact on your body. However, if it becomes a real habit, your figure may be changed in the future. In addition to the impact of this need food on the weight, it can also cause problems such as fluid retention, bloating, decreased concentration; it may even increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Weight gain due to stress: who is concerned?

    "In general, men and women are affected the same way by periods of stress, but there is a greater tendency for weight gain in women. Women accumulate more stress because they work in parallel and assume most of the domestic chores, "says dietician Claude Simon.

    "With the hormonal background, women develop a heightened sensitivity and turn more easily towards compulsive behaviors vis-à-vis the food," adds Florence Pujol.

    "Men grow differently in times of stress. Generally, these are business people who are most affected: caught by everyday emergencies, they opt for convenience rather than for a balanced diet. When eating in fast food, they accumulate on business breakfasts and lunches in the restaurant. They do not necessarily choose the food they consume, and these often prove very fat, "says Elodie Hirigoyen, dietician.

    Keep the kilos with a better lifestyle

    To cope with stress, develop new goals and new priorities.

  • Practice a relaxation technique like abdominal breathing, relaxation therapy or yoga. The practice shall respect your personality and your needs. It can help you relax and improve your mood. Read: Yoga, 3 exercises to reduce pressure
  • Make exercise: choose a fitness activity with your weight and your physical health. Practice it regularly during your free time and, if possible, at least once a week.
  • Find a good sleep rhythm because the lack of rest can immerse yourself in a state of considerable nervousness.
  • Change your eating habits

  • "Make shopping and think about what you will eat in the evening. Look for a diet based carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables in season. Consider keeping an apple on you in case of munchies during the day. Keep a good supply of omega-3 and protein, "says dietician Elodie Hirigoyen.
  • Take your time to eat. Lunch sitting and try to put your cutlery down between bites.
  • Consult a nutrition specialist or psychologist if you feel you can not get away alone. Arm yourself with patience because improving your condition will be in stages.
  • Choose the right foods to stay zen

    A good diet can help you develop your tolerance to stress. It reduces the negative effects of stress and reduces the risk of associated diseases.

  • Eat only unprocessed products. Prepare a meal of healthy food. And if the preparation time is longer, the satisfaction will be even better in the end.
  • Eat seeds! "They give your body everything it needs. The combination of the three types of seeds reconstructs the complete animal protein, they contain fiber, carbohydrates, amino acids, calcium and phosphorus, "says dietician Claude Simon.
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