Can we choose the sex of her baby?

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Can we choose the sex of her baby?

Choosing the sex of your baby is to go against nature. Existing scientific techniques are intended for legitimate cases of genetic diseases. But some couples are tempted by methods of debatable effectiveness. Update on some of them.

 Contents of this article
  •  The regime that would influence the baby's gender
  •  The Selnas method: a natural selection for the baby's sex?
  •  The frequency of sexual intercourse according to ovulation date
  •  Medical techniques to select the sex of her unborn child

The regime that would influence the baby's gender

This is Professor Joseph Stolkowski specialist mineral metabolism, which has advanced the thesis of the boy-girl regime. It is possible to make a change to your diet to influence the sex of her unborn baby.

Experiments conducted in France and abroad have shown a success rate of 80%. Concretely it is to adopt a diet at least two to three months before conception.

For a boy ...

If you want a boy, you will focus on foods rich in potassium, sodium. So put meat, charcuterie, legumes, starchy vegetables, dried fruits. For drinks: fruit juice and tea.

For a girl ...

If you want a girl, it's the opposite regime. You must promote foods high in calcium and magnesium that is to say, other dairy products and yoghurts, ice creams, white meat, fish, eggs. Side opt for fruits and vegetables green vegetables and soft fruit, apples and pears. Salt content in foods should be avoided. Finally drink water.

The limit: if you want to implement such a plan, know that there are no guarantees. Ask council to your doctor first because you have to meet your nutritional needs.

The Selnas method: a natural selection for the baby's sex?

The natural gender selection method or Selnas was proposed in 1995 by Dr. Patrick Schoun. The principle assumed that the egg is provided with a variable electrical polarity. For example when it is positive, it would be a girl because it would attract Conversely X chromosomes for a boy where Y chromosomes would be chosen.

However it must be noted that the other days, 225 days a year, the egg is neutral so you have as much chance of having a boy or a girl.

To implement the method Selnas home you must use a laboratory that has patented the method. Through a questionnaire about your menstrual cycle, you will receive a calendar where are noted on days when sex will give a child of a particular sex and those where it is best to protect themselves.

The International Prokaïd laboratories based in Sophia Antipolis highlighted studies performed on 2432 pregnancies and 2295 gave birth to a child of the desired sex. It must still know that among these few days in calendar are fertilizing final.

The limit: this system could promote fertility decline. Do not forget that the best way to conceive a child is still having many sex.

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The frequency of sexual intercourse according to ovulation date

It was in the 1960 Landrum Shettles the doctor made the following observation: Y sperm are smaller then the X. The first is faster and more resourceful. And the latter more resistant.

Conclusion: more sex are close to ovulation date, the better your chances of having a boy. If they are too far away, it is the sperm girls who will have more chance of reaching the egg.

The limit: in practice it is always difficult to know the exact date of ovulation. With these calculations, especially not only lose sight that this is sexual activity in itself that will allow you to have a baby.

Medical techniques to select the sex of her unborn child

Today we have the turnkey order to sort the male or female sperm. This is the case for in vitro fertilization with preimplantation genetic diagnosis. These techniques are just before the establishment of pregnancy and are used when it comes to avoid a genetic disease transmitted by sex chromosomes. In the first place we think of hemophilia, a disease that affects only boys.

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Ethical laws prohibit the implementation of these methods for a couple of convenience choice. However in many countries like the United States, the Middle East, India, Egypt, Jordan, certain privileged access this medically assisted procreation to choose the sex of their future child. But it's a real psychological and medical testing for the woman, knowing that pregnancy is never certain.