Cancer drug has been around for 80 years

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Seventy thousand: that's the number of lives that cancer in the Netherlands and Belgium in 2011 demanded. Needless. In 1931, the fourth genius Royal Rife along with 44 of the most respected medical scientists through a dinner the end of all diseases. In 1934 Rife healed in six weeks, 57 declared terminally cancer patients without medication, without cutting away limbs or any other harmful side effects. The American Medical Association and big pharma companies stopped Rife's work as soon as possible under the carpet. Were the suffering of millions and indeed their billions.

Cancer is big business

The direct costs for cancer patients in the US alone in 2010 amounted to 124 billion 570 million dollars. It is a titanic work to count out some spending on medication worldwide, but 250 billion unreasonable? This estimate is based on the gross US share in the world population. According to the five largest pharma companies themselves were their profits on 2012:
  • Glaxo-Smith Kline: $ 7.5 billion
  • Pfizer: 14.7 billion dollars
  • Novartis: $ 12.8 billion
  • Johnson & Johnson $ 2.6 billion
  • Roche: $ 10.72 billion

But it gives an idea of ​​the sums thus dealing in the pharma industry. Now imagine for a moment that all cancer cure worldwide for a one time fee of 25 euros could be. And then we talk about cancer but only because Rife's drug also works with other infections such as smallpox, typhoid, pneumonia, AIDS ... The struggle for the establishment not only went against Rife. Other scientists who booked with drug-free therapies huge successes against cancer, were and are being systematically attacked by the government, the FDA, Ministries of "Public Health". In that context we mention the 14-year struggle of Dr. Burzynski., Whose remarkable results were a thorn in the Food and Drug Administration. Burzynski was indicted on several points by government and FDA, but acquitted on all counts. This prompted the FDA finally steal his work and self patent to thwart him yet. The following link starts with a moving testimony of a father who lost his daughter in ignorance, A cancer cure. Unfortunately it is just one example of the millions of dramas. Other examples of persecuted scientists Dr. Simoncini, or closer to home. Dr. Wim Huppes.


Who can swim and ignores a drowning awareness, is prosecuted for gross negligence. The culprit is called a murderer might be far-reaching. But what about institutes that deliberately conceal potential cures? Whether they are legally guilty of murder, assault and battery or other court-trifling, makes no behind for those involved. It is immoral and criminal. Many of the scientists who sat at the table with Rife in 1931, claimed 10 years later not even know him. Either their deception was due to pressure from other stakeholders, either on their own direct financial interests. It would not be the first time that scientists were threatened with death in order to keep their mouths shut about new discoveries. The same has been established and documented with respect to scientists who did research on "Free Energy" in imitation of Nikola Tesla; free energy that we still consciously remembered. The problem for the pharmaceutical industry is that they Rife's work may not have completely smother.
  • Firstly they were in the beginning of Rife's research itself part of it; made from the forties they use Rife's new microscopes that viruses were first visible.
  • Secondly, there were quite some witnesses Rife's work so that they could stop up all the holes. After the forties there was no news about Rife longer published, but until then his work was extensively reported by the press and medical literature.
  • Third, now deceased, but long after the first experiments of Rife in 1934 were the patients themselves living witnesses of Rife's success.

You can imagine you that people who were confronted directly or indirectly with cancer themselves these questions:
  • Who was responsible for withholding the lifesaving discoveries Rife?
  • Is it not time that officially studied?
  • Is it not time for those responsible to be prosecuted for gross negligence, corruption and why not, premeditated murder?

  • They are brutal questions, but who has just lost a loved one or yourself faced with a death sentence would find them no more than fair. Even if Rife's method only works in half of the cases, then millions of people would have spared a premature death, and today thousands of people offer some hope. What if possible, is even worse is that the US military meanwhile uses Rife's discoveries as a weapon.

    Hope springs eternal

    In 1986, Lynn was told Kenny's best friend that cancer would kill him within a year. Even before his predicted death date Lynn started looking for alternative options for his friend and came back on the track of Rife's work. Meanwhile, Lynn founded the Beam Ray Corporation, which for many is the "place of last resort" has become. Although the company makes it clear that she certainly is not yet at the level of Royal Rife, their results are encouraging. We do not expressing an opinion on the validity of the results, as the available information is not sufficient enough. Lynn Kenny's friend, the prediction of the "authorities" of medical science meanwhile survived sixteen years. For those desperate is: A presentation of Rife and the Beam Ray Corporation on the link in the source or here: Royal Rife
    The responses can be found the following number of the company and the name of an affiliated doctor, Dr. Kevin Conners; the phone number is 001-205 - 543-6356; or the data at the end of the presentation. Documentaries on Rife and the oppression of his research can be found also via said link, reading as in the source below. We restate that no judgment is made about any results, nor is it an advertisement or promotion under any form for the mentioned company; but what you do not know can not investigate.
    After watching and investigating dozens of documentaries, TV shows, news, interviews ... there is one thing that emerges loud and clear:
    Any natural medication or any therapy that the government designates as quackery, it is worth investigating.