Cannabis consumers could pay a ticket

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Cannabis consumers could pay a ticket

The Interior Minister, Manuel Valls, announced its intention to pay a single violation of cannabis caught in the act. This measure is already experienced in Seine-Saint-Denis and Marseille.

Since a 1970 law, cannabis or other illegal drugs is a crime punishable by one year imprisonment and a fine of 3750 euros. Manuel Valls, the interior minister, announced Thursday, April 4, its intention to favor single ticket.

Now, consumers caught in the act would pay a fine which would be proportional to the amount of cannabis seized. This measure is already experienced in Marseilles and Seine-Saint-Denis, the idea being to discourage traffic in some neighborhoods and deter buyers.

According to the French Observatory of Drugs and Drug Addiction, 122,439 people were arrested in 2010 for cannabis, representing 90% of arrests for drug use.

Cannabis accounts for 90% of arrests

All products, 50 100 have been convictions in 2010 for a violation of the law on narcotics. Court statistics do not distinguish between cannabis and other drugs. But like cannabis accounts for 90% of arrests, we imagine that it is involved in the vast majority of convictions.

Of these 50,100 convictions in 2010, 28,146 were for "illegal use" 10,831 for "possession and acquisition", the other for trade-transportation, import-export, supply and disposal, to use provocation ... According to the OFDT, citing statistics from the Ministry of Justice: "The imprisonment sentences or partially suspended concern 12.6% of convictions for illicit use. "This is about 3500 people.

Since 2007, awareness training of the dangers of use of drugs have been introduced. They are intended to replace those arrested and simple "reminder of the law", judged ineffective. Since 2008, they have involved between 18 000 and 19 000 people, 94% of cannabis users.