Canterbury and Whitstable: a weekend trip to England

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The towns and the coast of England are perfect to go a weekend away with your partner or your family. You have to take a plane and you can drive your own car so you can take as much as you want. Perfect for a weekend bike or a hike with the whole family. Then you can calmly blow with a delicious afternoon tea!


Canterbury is a small cozy town on a half hour drive from the Eurotunnel. This charming town is known by the famous work The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer. This collection of short stories written still being read in the Middle English from the 14th century and in Canterbury you can of course find numerous references to the famous author. So you can visit a museum where you become acquainted with three of the most famous tales where you will be guided by the characters themselves.
Canterbury but is much more than that. It is a small paradise where everyone is finding something fun. Canterbury Cathedral and the walls are a fine example of ancient architecture and history. A fine example of an English cathedral for centuries is indestructible. But just on the outskirts of Canterbury, there is another historical site that also worthwhile: St Augustine's Abbey. The remains of one of the first monasteries are located in England are even part of the group English Heritage, which retained throughout England ensuring that important sites, including, for example Stonehenge. What little remains of this abbey has been here since the year 597, as one of the first buildings to spread the Catholic faith in England. It is a spacious, open place where you can walk quietly, read or look around.
But despite the many links with history, Canterbury is also a very modern town. In the center you can find lively shopping streets with numerous shops. Also larger chains are represented, so you are sure to find more than just a few souvenir shops! Occasionally there are vintage markets outdoors which are definitely worth a visit! Cock certainly take afternoon tea or high tea with delicious finger sandwiches, scones and cakes. Much cheaper than in the big cities like London but equally fresh and just as tasty!


Who after a day of Canterbury can stay overnight on the way home definitely stop in the pretty seaside town of Whitstable. This English town you can reach through a nice street full of quaint shops. The typical English 'thriftshops "or second-hand shops are here fraternally alongside small antique shops. In England, each association for charity can open a second shop with vintage clothing, books and other items. You can have real treasures by scoring in each store to view the vintage fabrics, books, or gems. Who finally hit the street with some money left over can go to the fish market for fresh oysters or buy a local fish and chip shop fried cod, to eat at the nearby pebble beaches. Whitstable is not a big tourist attraction which makes it still very authentic. At the weekend it is pleasantly crowded with local tourists who want to enjoy a quiet day.

How to get there?

The easiest way to get in Canterbury and Whitstable is via the Eurotunnel, which operates in Calais and arrive in Folkestone. You drive your own car on the train, and half an hour later you are already in England. The train runs every hour from 6 am until nearly midnight, so ideal for a day trip! You do not have hours to be present in advance, you can cycle your baby, your pet and take a picnic, so you do not have to check in or to purchase locally. For the voyage your pay per car and not per person. Prices start from 59 pounds or about 70 euros.