Car Insurance

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It is always sad when a car suffers damage. For example by a collision or accident. The damage is often variable. One time a car will be totally in ruins ?? total loss are ?? and other times it is a crack in the windshield of a small dent in a door. To think the car insurance caused the damage.

Three coverages

In the Netherlands, an auto insurance that insures damage or their own car. That way a driver will not have to turn to the high costs so ?? s situation often results. In the Netherlands there are three covers for car body, which also can be insured additionally.

Liability Coverage

Throughout Europe have agreed on taking out car insurance and liability. Liability coverage is required by law. This law must meet a number of requirements, including the minimum insured amount is one million euros per victim.

Limited airframe cover

As the name says, this involves a limited coverage. The limited airframe cover Examples include damage caused by fire, storm or theft. This coverage does not arise for damage caused by a collision or the road hitting the car.

Complete airframe cover

The full hull coverage covers all damage caused by, for example collision, overturning of the car and hitting the road, but also covers damage caused by theft, fire or storm, as the limited hull coverage. Both damage to the vehicle owner if the victim is reimbursed even if the insured is at fault.

Supplementary insurance

Outside of this insurance, there are also expansions with additional insurances. Typically, there are three additional insurance, including accident occupants insurance, injury insurance and the legal occupants insurance.

Accident occupants insurance

When one of the occupants ?? For example, the driver ?? dies, or suffers damage infvlaide touches the accident occupants insurance is paid once. In both death and permanent disablement is discussed in advance a sum insured. This can amount to tens of thousands of euros.

Damage occupants insurance

If an occupant ?? also the driver ?? harmed by an accident, the occupants damage insurance the passenger compensation. This involves both damage to injury. Also, the compensation of the relatives with a death case will be paid by this insurance. The maximum amount may amount to one million euros.

Legal insurance

Wanner an accident altogether unfavorable wants to unpack and there is a lawsuit, the legal insurance may be able to help. For example when a dispute arose about driving or faulty vehicle. This insurance guarantees the party of legal help.