Car Rentals in Europe: rules, laws and rates

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Every holiday draw the Dutch masse by car through Europe. But we are also aware of the rules and laws in different countries? Where for example a safety vest, warning triangle, fire extinguisher or mandatory? And what maximum speeds will apply in different ways? This article presents an overview of a few things you should know if you pull through Europe by car. Neatly in a statement.

Travelling in Europe: the fall school

How are the holidays in the countries where you are traveling? For a complete list of 2010 for Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and France at school in 2010 in Europe.

Rules and laws: what do you have that with you?

For every European country has different rules and laws. In one country must hold a safety vest, in the other country is not. And you must fire extinguisher which are always with you whether it is recommended but not mandatory? It remains difficult. Therefore this brief overview:
M = mandatory under the law of the land
A is recommended, but not required
G = No current wetgeveing ​​country

Drive multiple countries? Make sure you have everything at your

Are you going to Italy? Look not only at the table what is in Italy. The countries where you drive through before you're in Italy have their own legislation. A first aid kit is recommended for instance in Italy, but not mandatory. However, you go through Austria, then you have to have it with you. Since the kit is indeed mandatory.

Speed ​​limits in the caravan

Going on holiday with the caravan? Pay attention to the speed limits in the various European countries. Here, too, a short overview:
* France and Austria have a differentiated speed limit: